Author: Steven Alexander

Pulsing, pounding work

Hey guys, Bt here. Just posting a little bit about the pulsing, pounding work going on here at IQ on Quest For Infamy. Seriously – the team has been cranking out the art and animations for the game like crazy.  It’s insane, really.  We’re also putting all the ducks in a row and getting the […]

Marching Towards Infamy!

Well folks, it’s been an amazing Summer for us here at Infamous Quests. Our Kickstarter Campaign was very succesful, and we’re now marching on – towards Infamy! This game has been in the works for a while – about a year ago, while racing towards the finish-line with Space Quest 2, I began to put […]

New Production Video

Hai Frands! Today we have a new production video for you – a special presentation by Jeremy Kitchen – who animates a series of battle sprites for a character named “Gorth”, a bully from Volksville who has a bone to pick with Roehm.  Check it out!