Author: Steven Alexander

What’s going on w/ Infamous Quests

Hey friends and fans; I just wanted to write a quick blog entry to talk about some of the things we’re working on now! It’s been an exciting time for Infamous Quests – we recently released our second game, The Order of the Thorne: The King’s Challenge and are currently working on several more games!

Order of The Thorne Release Date

We’re pleased to tell you that The Order of the Thorne – The King’s Challenge will be released on Tuesday, January 26th, 2016!  It will be available on GoG, Steam, Humble and!  We’re very excited to bring you the first game in The Order of the Thorne Anthology Series.

Shipping Physical Rewards/End of an Era

Orders have been placed, all the “t’s” have been crossed and the lower case “j’s” dotted – the physical items for Quest For Infamy will be completed and delivered to us for processing by Friday, May 22nd.  This means the first wave of packages with boxes, DVDs, etc – will be sent out to backers […]

2014 Point and Click Game Jam

Hey friends and fans! Well, today I’m going to talk to you about the point and click game jam that we’re participating in! You can view the page right here, and there’s already several indie developers who have signed up to participate! 2014 Point and Click Jam When I saw this, I thought it would […]

New room and general 1.1 update

A new room by Lambonius in Quest For Infamy v1.1! Coming soon! We’re finishing up adding the details on this, and are moving into testing this version THIS WEEK. After making sure no more new bugs creep up, it’ll be time to release it to the public! If you’ve already purchased the game, it should […]

Infamous Quests at GDC 2014

Shawn, Josh and Steve (Bt) went to GDC in San Francisco last month to show off Quest For Infamy to the public! We had several backers show up, meet and chat with us – as well as play QFI in our show loft!  It was an amazing time – we were able to show the […]

Why…. Blackthorne?

Some of us around here have net-handles. Me, well you can see I use “Blackthorne” which has become “Bt” over the years. It’s a funny story behind Blackthorne, and it’s the handle I have used on-line since 1990. Since I was originally playing Sierra games 23 years ago now. Many people often think it stems […]