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Infamous Quests is an independent game company focused on bringing back the classic adventure game.

We are Infamous Quests

We love old school adventure games… so we’re going to make some more.

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Who are you lot then?

Some of the team at PAX East 2016

Infamous Quests is a group of people who love old school adventure games. They came together with the common goal of creating a fantastic game, one that would feel like it had come out of the best of the golden era of adventure games. Founded in 2012 by Steven Alexander and Shawn Mills, Infamous Quests is a dedicated team who are committed to making games we would love to play ourselves

Other things we’ve done…


The Quest for Infamy Companion

Full color reproductions of the game and production art from “Quest For Infamy” are just the start in “The Quest For Infamy” companion. Go behind the scenes and find out how this epic point and click adventure game was created from the ground up!

Space Quest 2 Remake

Infamous Adventure’s remake of the classic 1987 Sierra game “Space Quest II” by The Two Guys from Andromeda, Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe!  Join Roger Wilco on an intergalactic adventure as he is pursued by the agents of the sinister Sludge Vohaul!

King’s Quest III Remake

Infamous Adventures Remake of King’s Quest III: To Heir is Human! Join Gwydion as he seeks to escape the bonds of slavery from his master, the evil wizard Mananann.

Stranger Things Demo

Here’s our little one-room game of one of favourite shows, Stranger Things. Have fun, explore and watch out for things that go bump in the night. Please note, this is an unofficial tribute.

Latest News

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Infamous Quests Patreon
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As an independent game developer, we’re able to keep our costs down, but we still need help to be able to create this content – paying for electric bills, internet usage, tools for creating graphics and effects, funds to pay voice actorsfunds to pay artists and animators, new equipment, advertising costs, etc… just about anything that allows us to game games and tell the stories we want to tell.  Your support will enable us to cover these costs and allow us to use more time and resources to make these kind of games!  Thanks for all support you’re able to give; supporting independent video game developers is really an amazing thing.

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We have a Patreon page setup, and if the support goes well enough, we’ll be able to continue production on two as of yet unannounced projects that every patron here would get a copy of when completed.

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