Roehm’s Adventure Continues

We have been talking a lot about Order of the Thorne : The King’s Challenge lately, and rightly so because it’s a bloody fun game, but I just wanted to let you all know we hadn’t forgotten our Mr William Roehm!

Roehm’s adventures continue (or should that be begin?) in Roehm to Ruin, the second of our games to be released very soon. One of the early events that happens is this shakedown of his friend Gareth, a local fish-monger and supplier of illegal pharmaceutical enhancements. Does Roehm help out his friend? Does he run and get some guards? Does he help the thief? You’ll work it out, we’re sure!

Roehm to Ruin
Roehm interrupts to shake down! (Artwork may change for final release)

Roehm to Ruin is now complete and all the graphical assets are in the game and working a treat! The game is being tested as we speak (or type in my case) and after some more runs through the testing machine we’ll get the speech recorded and in-game, for your listening pleasure!