Frogsheen is a retro style platformer full of fun and adventure!

About Frogsheen

Frogsheen is a retro styled platformer that hopes to inspire you and fill you with memories of your favorite games from the past! Have fun with a friend once again, as you guide Frogsheen through Sonoland.

The Evil Baron Kargan has stolen the source of all happiness. Only Frogsheen and his friends can save the people of Sonoland. Jump and fight your way through the worlds of Sonoland and defeat Baron Kargan and his minions.


  • Ultra Frogsheen in Sonoland is a retro style platformer
  • Inspired by the games we grew up with!
  • Run, Jump, Fight and explore your way through ten worlds of classic platformer actions!
  • 5 playable characters and secrets galore
  • FROGSHEEN is gauranteed to tickle that itch you’ve had for a classic platformer.