New Content! Quest for Infamy Now Even Bigger!

With the release of version 1.1, we’ve added three new areas into the game. When a patch becomes as big as this one, and with so many changes to the game, some large and some minor, it comes to a point where your old save games will no longer work. It’s a quirk of the engine that Quest for Infamy is built in that this happens, but we do feel bad about it. So to make it sweeter for you, we added in three new areas to explore, one for each class, as a way of saying “sorry the patch has broken your saves, but this might make you feel a bit better.”

SPOILER WARNING – We’re not going to describe how to access the new areas in this post, but we are going to show you what they look like, and that in itself might give a couple of things away. You have been warned!

Without saying anything else, here’s the new areas!

newcontent-1 newcontent-2 newcontent-3

With a new area specific to each class, we think you’ll love finding these new areas. It’s like Quest for Infamy but with even more Infamy!


Countdown to More Infamy! Countdown is over!

Did we mention that 1.1 is available now? Go to your digital distribution site of choice and buy it now! If you already own the game, you should be able to patch it straight away from the site you bought it from.

Let’s talk about combat and stats, the centre of the role-playing heart of Quest for Infamy.


We’ve gone through all the places where your character statistics are used and made sure they work as intended. Then we made sure they were as difficult or as easy as we originally intended. For example, to pick the lock on Brattle’s cabin door, you will need a lock picking skill of at least 50. Or to climb the Volksville town gates you’ll need a climbing skill of at least 16. While the majority of these situations were already in the game, we’ve spent a lot of time making sure they’re now consistent throughout.



Some people have complained that combat in Quest for Infamy is way too hard, and others have complained that it’s way too easy. We like that because on a whole that means the difficulty is pretty spot on. But a couple of things slipped through the initial release so we’ve taken the opportunity to make a couple of tweaks, just to make things even better.

With combat itself, here’s how it ties together with the stats. Firstly you have to hit your opponent, that’s where the Weapon % Hit statistic comes into play. The higher this is, the more likely you’re going to hit. Then the amount of damage you do is determined by a super special secret and complicated formula which includes the particular attack skill you used (stab, slash or hack). The higher this attack statistic is, the more damage you’ll do. Then of course weapons, bracers and armor are taken into account before a final number of damage is made.

The main change is the speed at which your stats level. They all now level on a sliding scale of an increase every 4 uses if the stat is below 50. If the stat is between 50 and 80 it will level every 8 uses, and if the stat is above 80 it will level every 12 uses. This keeps with our principle where it’s harder to increase your stats at higher levels but also allows the player to level their character significantly through normal game play (without grinding that is!) Weapon % Hit is a different story whereas it levels below 50 every 5 uses, between 50 and 80 every 10 uses, and above 80 every 15 uses.

The major change is that the combat stats will take into account misses as well as hits, so just fighting in combat is enough to help increase your skills.


So, what do all these changes mean for you when you’re playing your way through Quest for Infamy? All the stats will level properly, the combat stats will level slightly faster, and you’ll need to keep more of an eye on your character’s abilities to perform some actions. So basically, more infamous fun!


Countdown to More Infamy! 24 hours to go!

Magic! Mystical Lockpick! Flaming Vengeance! Icy Shards! Take Inanimate Object!

They’re all useful spells and we’re very happy with the way the magic system works in Quest for Infamy. But two of those spells, Mystical Lockpick and Take Inanimate Object always bothered us a little. We felt the way we set those two spells up was a bit too automatic for players, it took the skill from the game and put it in the hands on the designers. So with this patch we took the opportunity to look at them again and perfect them more.

Previously, if you clicked the Mystical Lockpick spell the game would automatically attempt to open a predetermined door or lock on any particular screen (or return a default “There’s nothing to unlock here” response on any other screen.) In short, that’s boring and way too easy. So now when you click on the Mystical Lockpick spell in your spell book, you will be presented with a casting icon and you will need to click on the door or lock you wish to unlock. The same process goes for the Take Inanimate Object spell.

Pick this lock. We dare you.
Picking Prospero’s door Sorcerer – We DARE you!

We feel this brings a higher level of game-play to the Sorcerer class, because now the player has to decide what they want to attempt to unlock instead of just casting it on any screen in the hope it opened something. More-so with the Take Inanimate Object spell, the player is now going to need to select the object they want to take!

With these changes we’ve also tweaked the Mystical Power stat so that it’s tied into every possible cast of any direct-cast spells. A door may require a Mystical Power level of 65 to open, so you’ll need to improve your skills to open that door!

So get to it Sorcerer! Start casting those spells already!

Countdown to More Infamy! T-Minus 3 Days!

Have you seen the movie Ted? You know the thunder buddy song? That’s exactly how we think of bugs! So we’ve spent a lot of time going over the game in the six months since release. We’ve looked at all the bug reports submitted to us, all the posts made on our forums, in the Steam community, on GoG and anything posted in a myriad of other places. We’ve then gone through each and every one of those issues and reports and made changes to the game, making it even more awesome than you already thought it was! While the majority of things fixed were minor (grammar and spelling issues – which as a side-note were generally caused by our non-American writers and programmers forgetting to write in American English) a few larger issues did slip through into the initial release.

qfi-stealthWhat you’ll notice is that some of the most noticeable changes have occurred in two particular scenes. The “Slaver Quest” in Act 2 was problematic in that it had some clipping issues (ie. Roehm would walk behind a wall instead of in front of it) and had a few situations where a guard could die in a bad position that would cause Roehm to not be able to advance past him. As the goal in this portion of the story is to kill the slaver without being seen, we’ve also made some changes so Roehm needs to make sure he’s stealthy and fast. It’s a fun scene and it now plays out the way we intended from the outset.


Countdown to More Infamy! T-Minus 4 Days!

It’s nearly here! Are you excited? We sure as heck are, that’s for sure and we’ll be blogging each day till Friday’s release. So once again here’s the 30 second trailer. Enjoy!

This patch/update is pretty huge and we’re sure you’re going to love it, so while we’re getting the final few “i’s” crossed and “t’s” dotted over the next few days we thought we’d tell you about some of the cool new features, changes and fixes that have gone into this six month job!

But before we start all that, here’s something that we kinda just forgot about in the rush to finish the game back in July last year. You might know the game as Quest for Infamy, but it’s full name is…

Quest for Infamy : Who Needs a Hero Anyway?

Let us know what you think! And enjoy the wallpaper!

Download your preferred wallpaper resolution below:
1920×1200 | 1280×800 | 1024×768

End of 2014 Update

Greetings! We all hope you’ve had a very nice Christmas and relaxing break over the holidays. 2014 sure was an exciting year for us. In March we attended GDC in San Francisco where we got to showcase our first commercial release, Quest for Infamy, to the games media and other developers from far and wide – all organised by the great folks at Phoenix Online who were our major publisher for Quest for Infamy. In July we saw the release of Quest for Infamy and we’re still to this day blown away all by the comments, feedback and kind words we’ve received on our first commercial outing. Thank to everyone who helped back the project back in 2012 and to those who purchased a copy. We hope Quest for Infamy thrives even more-so in the new year.


So, what about 2015? Yes! Things are in motion. You may have noticed our Christmas message this year included a man getting attacked by a bear! What? You’d never seen that before? That’s a scene from our next game, although details are being kept tight at the moment. Keep an ear out thought, we will have some news in the next few weeks. (Ok, his name is Finn.)


The QFI update is still being worked on; we’ve been finding more bugs that resulted from changes and additions, and we still have some voices that need recording. The last thing we want to do is rush it and release a poor update, so it’ll be out when it’s out and properly ready. That will be soon though, we promise! To give you some inside information on what to look forward to, we’ve added in a new minor quest for each of the three classes. You’ll be able to access three previously unseen areas of the game, and if you’re really, really lucky you might be able to see where Voleris sleeps (and get out again alive!) A major tweak to the game is the addition of directed casting for the Mystical Unlock and the Take Inanimate Object spells (ie. you select the spell then click on the item you want to tamper with.) It adds another level of challenge to the sorcerer class and makes it a lot less hand-holdy. The stats have also been tweaked to make sure that every usage of them is tied to a minimum level of statistic (sometimes in the initial release it just worked if you had the skill). So for example, you might need a Thievery skill of 35 to unlock a door. Lots and lots more in there too and we’re working really hard to get it to you.


The Quest For Infamy Companion is still being compiled and edited; with the release of the 1.1 patch, we wanted to make sure we got in all the information we could about the game. The preliminary proofs of the book should be finalized by the end of January, and the final stages of editing and locking down the manuscript should be completed by the end of February. Which means we will be having the book printed sometime in March. The other physical rewards will have been completed before then – so, if all goes according to schedule, physical rewards should start being sent out by Mid-March! We’re very excited about this; creating a big box and goodies for our game is something we have all been looking forward to, and it completes our dream of creating a total classic adventure game experience.

We hope you all have a great new year and we wish you all the best for 2015. We’re looking forward to another awesome year. All the best!

2014 Point and Click Game Jam

Hey friends and fans!

Well, today I’m going to talk to you about the point and click game jam that we’re participating in! You can view the page right here, and there’s already several indie developers who have signed up to participate!

2014 Point and Click Jam

When I saw this, I thought it would be great for us to participate – being involved in your gaming community is probably one of the best things you can do.  Infamous Quests wouldn’t have come to be if the founding members weren’t active in the adventure game communities and forums over a decade ago, and getting involved in this seemed like a great way to help rebuild some of that sense of community.


New room and general 1.1 update

New QFI room

A new room by Lambonius in Quest For Infamy v1.1! Coming soon!

We’re finishing up adding the details on this, and are moving into testing this version THIS WEEK. After making sure no more new bugs creep up, it’ll be time to release it to the public!

If you’ve already purchased the game, it should be updated in the store you bought it from (, Steam, Humble, Desura) – with GoG and Humble, you’ll have to re-download the new version – Steam should update automatically after release.

Yes, unfortunately, your old saves will be broken with this update. So we will be sending out another message/update before it goes live on Steam, so you can copy/preserve your old copy and saves.

QFI Soundtrack – 50% off this weekend!

iq-soundtrackThe soundtrack for Quest for Infamy is one of our favorite things about the game and this weekend only we’re giving you chance to get 50% off the official soundtrack’s price – from $9.99 to $4.99! The soundtrack features over 80 original tracks from the game, including a few tracks that never made it to the final version. It’s DRM-free too!

To get started head to the QFI page or click the button below.

[purchase_link id=”309″ text=”Add to Cart” style=”button” color=”blue”]

H.P. Lovecraft: The Case of Charles Dexter Ward

Agustin Cordes and the team at Senscape are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the development of what looks to be an amazing game, based on the based on the work of the famed writer, H.P. Lovecraft.

Click here for the Kickstarter Link.

Senscape are the team who brought you Scratches and Serena so they have the track record to show they can make the first official game based on Lovecraft’s work.

The Case of Charles Dexter Ward
H.P. Lovecraft’s The Case of Charles Dexter Ward by Senscape.


What? That’s not a game by Infamous Quests! Why are you promoting it here, you might ask! Well the simple answer is that it looks bloody awesome and they people at Senscape are friends of ours and … we’re just damn excited about this game so go and support it already if you haven’t, or up your pledge if you have!