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Leonard Nimoy

Let me start off this blog post with an admission. Although the passing of Leonard Nimoy isn’t exactly adventure game related, it is something I feel some emotion about because his death this morning brought to mind my formative years and the inspirations I have which led me to a career in making adventure games. […]


Our message boards are now enabled with Tapatalk. This is an app that is free to download from most mobile platforms that transforms our forums into a social hub. Any topics and posts can be easily read and replied too and you can receive notifications straight to your phone whether you receive a direct message […]

Adventure X 2013

Infamous Quests will be returning to Adventure-X 2013 expo in London on the 7th and 8th of December. We’ll be demonstrating Quest for Infamy and premièring the game trailer too. If you can make it then you should definitely come a long. Entry is free and there’s plenty of special guests, exhibitors, talks and a […]

Meet Team Infamy

It’s been an AMAZING campaign!  We’ve reached $50,000!  That is double our original funding, and it’s allowed us to do so much more with not only the game, but with the presentation of it and the interaction with fans.  Now, we’ll be able to get the game translated into other languages and reach a wider […]