2014 Point and Click Game Jam

Hey friends and fans!

Well, today I’m going to talk to you about the point and click game jam that we’re participating in! You can view the page right here, and there’s already several indie developers who have signed up to participate!

2014 Point and Click Jam

When I saw this, I thought it would be great for us to participate – being involved in your gaming community is probably one of the best things you can do.  Infamous Quests wouldn’t have come to be if the founding members weren’t active in the adventure game communities and forums over a decade ago, and getting involved in this seemed like a great way to help rebuild some of that sense of community.

Making a short, fun little prequel game to “Quest For Infamy” was a no-brainer.  QFI was the brainchild of Me and Shawn (Klytos), dating back over a decade ago, and we knew it would be fun to make a little story and game that showed what happened before QFI took place.

I started by writing up a bunch of ideas, and getting the story down.  Soon after, I invited the rest of the team to join up and help – everybody was eager to pitch in and donate their time to make something cool like this – so I tried to write up a quick outline and a list of resources we’d need.  I’d made up a list, and this weekend, I started to give assignments!

Fizzii, one of our artists, volunteered to do the Pub and the Castle Gate backgrounds.  I first made up what we call “SteveSketches™”.  These are rough sketch ideas I have about what I’d like to see.  I hand these off to the artists and they take my barely literate drawings and turn them into art.

IntPubSteveSketch OutsideGatesSteveSketch

So, Fizzii took these renderings and came up with these.


As you can see… they function much better!  She started by working on the pub, and sent me iterations and updates as she worked.  The next day, she did the pub – and worked for a lot of hours on these.  You can see development iterations here.

gates2 gates2_zps45fb495f gates3 gates4 gates4_zps6b274971 gates5 gates6 gates-256-colors pub2 pub3 pub4 pub5 pub6 pub7 pub-256-colours

Meanwhile, Shawn and I had been working on the game engine – Shawn set everything up, and implemented the GUIs.  I imported the sprites that our animator, Jerminator, had worked up.  I also programmed in walkable areas, walkbehind, interactions, objects and dialogues for characters in the pub!  James Mulvale, our composer, composed a piece of music for the pub…. and we’re off!

So, right now, James Broom is working on dialogues and puzzles for a later part in the game – and more team members are going to be making stuff this week as well!  We’re all really excited to be a part of this.

I’ll keep you updated as progress continues!

Until then, check us out on twitter if you haven’t, @IQ_Adventures – with the hashtag #pointclickjam, you can not only follow us, but many others who are working too!  This is going to be a great time, and I hope many of you come around to visit!



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