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Title: You sold me on part two ...
Post by: kaiman on November 25, 2016, 06:22:45 PM
Hadn't given this game much attention in the past, but the one thing that finally drew me towards it were the colourful (and quite pretty) graphics. I would have liked the backgrounds to be a bit crisper/sharper, but I guess that scaling from 320x200 to fullscreen takes its toll. Nevertheless, looking at the various locations never got old.

The one thing that somewhat puzzled me, however, were the constant comments from Finn, not to pick up anything without the owner's consent. I mean, it's a universal staple of P&C adventures to take everything that's not nailed down, and then the rest and the nails as well. If the intention was to make fun of this trope, it wasn't executed very well, but you'll get my respect for trying at least. But if this was to characterize Finn as a truly lawful-good person, well, it also turned him into a boring, unpleasant and condescending goody two shoes that I had trouble identifying with.

Mind you, I do not think the overall peaceful and pleasant tone of the game was bad at all, but a more likeable main character (of a chaotic good nature, perhaps) would certainly have improved matters for me. I had a similar feeling about Wilbur, from BoUT, who to me was the most bland and unsympathetic of the 3 protagonists. At least with BoUT, you got to switch roles every so often.

So I guess that really is my biggest gripe: a main character that is too perfect and lacks in humanity. A bit of a flaw would have improved him a lot. Of all the cast, I most could relate to Faolan, and the two girls with their obsession were quite funny too.

Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to how the story unfolds. If the quality of the graphics and the gameplay/puzzles persist and the writing and characters improve a bit, I'm sure it'll turn into a neat little gem.
Title: Re: You sold me on part two ...
Post by: Blackthorne on November 26, 2016, 08:15:32 AM
Each OotT game will feature a different protagonist; Patrick, the squire and protagonist of the next game, isn't quite the "goody two shoes" that Finn is.  Finn's more rigid attitude is definitely a contrast to Patrick's spirit.