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I thought it might be easier to find this topic with a more descriptive thread title, so I started a new one.  The original thread topic that included this information is located here (thanks, Natewolfe!):

So, with the endorsement from Klytos, here are the steps required to find the secret IQ Virtual Bar (and fight Blackthorne) in QFI:



Quest For Infamy: Guide to finding the IQ Virtual Bar (and Blackthorne fight)
Version 1.0
by Goatmeal, (c) 2015, 2021

Many thanks to the various members of the IQ forums for giving terrific hints and advice


     1. Watch the entire "Prelude To Infamy" [Credits + Intro], from the opening titles to Roehm ending up outside of Volksville with Udo

          - Wait until Roehm is in the player's control

          - There is no indication that this step has been successfully completed


     2. Enter "33203291" into the Volksville Bank ATM (# from a QFI "Bank of Volksville" Card - KS backer gift)

          - The indications that this step has been successfully completed:
               * Narrator: "Thank you for being a backer of Quest for Infamy! Without you this game would not be possible.  If you were not a backer, you are a tool for taking advantage of someone else's bank card."
               * Roehm will gain [+10] Infamy Points


     3. Flame the Moonshiner in the start of Act 2

          - Once Act 2 starts, you now have access to the Moonshiner's area of the map
          - You need to "Use Sword on Moonshiner" with Rubbing Alcohol and Flint & Steel in your Inventory
          - Note that having the Tinderbox in your Inventory will not work -- it MUST be the Flint & Steel!

          - The indication that this step has been successfully completed:
               * The Moonshiner is reduced to nothing but ashes


     4a. Complete the phrase in the empty Library book in Tyr: "Those who know, will __________."

          ANSWER: "Drink Me"

          - You only get ONE chance to enter the correct phrase into the book, so save the game while in the Library BEFORE trying an answer
          - If you type the answer incorrectly, simply restore the game after each failed attempt

          - The indication that this step has been successfully completed:
               * You are asked a symbol code question (Step 4b. below)

     4b. Enter the correct sequences of symbols for the specific Confrontation Style displayed:

               Fighter's Frenzy: Fight - Defend - Fight - Fight - Defend
               Mage's Mindgame: Magic - Drink - Drink - Magic - Sneak
               Chief Thief:  Confer - Drink - Sneak - Defend - Sneak
               Failed Diplomacy: Confer - Drink - Confer - Bribe - Bribe
               Devious Dirtbag:  Sneak - Drink - Confer - Bribe - Escape

               _AND_ the missing sequence:

               Hybrid's Harangue: Fight - Magic - Sneak - Magic - Fight

          - There is no indication that this step has been successfully completed


     5. The final task for the patient player:
          - Prior to this step, ensure that Roehm has previously drank something during the game (water / alcohol)

          - After entering the correct Confrontation Style code (Step 4b.), a 20-minute countdown timer begins!
          - Use a stopwatch to keep track of the 20 minutes, because
                    (A.) there is no timer displayed in-game, and
                    (B.) the countdown progresses in real-time, not "game time"

          - Go to the Caretaker's home in the Cemetery and stand on the Rug

          - Wait out the full 20 minutes (or thereabouts - you may have to adjust game speed)
          - It's best to save the game around the ~19-minute mark; that way, you won't have to spend ~20 minutes over and over until it works

          - Pee on the Rug (Use "Action/Hand" icon on Roehm while he stands on the Rug) in increasing 10-second intervals
          - If it doesn't work after the first 10 seconds, restore the game and try after 20 seconds; if not, restore and try after 30 seconds; etc.



     I'm uncertain where this one came from; since not everyone got this Kickstarter backer gift, it seems like Blackthorne mentioned this code in a help thread to find BT.  However, only forum members Natewolfe and Goatmeal have any searchable forum posts referring to this number, and there is no mention of who initially supplied it.

     2. ORDER FOR STEPS 2 & 3

     It's uncertain if there is an order requirement for Steps 2 & 3 (1-2-3-4a-4b-5 vs. 1-3-2-4a-4b-5), but I put the ATM code first since you must wait until Act 2 to get the Moonshiner.  You might even be able delay entering the code for Step 2 until you pass by Volksville during Step 5 (heading North to the Cemetery, you'll certainly have time to kill), but I've never tried it that way (1-3-4a-4b-2-5).

     Chucklas (Bt's Technical Advisor, Team IQ, and Forum Level: Mastermind) offered the following in a forum post: "I will give you this much.  There are 5 things that must be done.  2 of which happen at a certain point in the game.  You cannot get there prior to act 2, but 1 thing must be done before then. One more thing, watch the intro to the game.  you will be quite relieved if you do."

     So, one thing must be done before Act 2, but then he also makes a specific point that the Prelude must be watched.  That makes it sounds like _two_ things need to be done before Act 2, otherwise if watching the Prelude was the _one_ thing that must be done before Act 2, why bother to mention it twice?

     Other hints from Blackthorne appear to imply that Steps 2 and 3 might be interchangeable.


     In 2014, Blackthorne went back and inserted this list in a general update post from _two_ years earlier (2012) to obscure it.  However, you can find the list using keywords (Frenzy, Mindgame, Chief, Diplomacy, Dirtbag) and the forum search function.

      BT Post:  IQ News --  The Volksville Times -- Marching Towards Infamy!
          on: September 04, 2012, 01:55:56 PM
          Last edited: September 08, 2014, 04:56:34 PM


     As a contributor who made several fonts for the game, I also created the Confrontation Style codes (and why/how I know the Hybrid's Harangue!).  The "Confrontation Style" screen was intended to be throwback to the [now irrelevant] copy protection codes/symbols used in the various Sierra games back in the day, requiring you to reference a table or chart in the game's manual.  While not used here specifically for that purpose, Blackthorne instead incorporated it into the IQ Bar/Fight BT Quest -- but he left off the sequence for Hybrid's Harangue in his post!


     Roehm must be fully hydrated to make the Big Lebowski angry.  Is it possible to abstain from drinking the entire game up to this point, and then drink something on the way to the Caretaker's home?  Or does one need to ensure that Roehm's bladder is full _prior_ to completing Steps 4a. and 4b.?

End of Guide.

Banter and Chit-Chat! / Congratulations, Steve, on your new transplant!
« on: November 07, 2020, 03:19:18 PM »
For those of you who aren't on Twitter (which includes me, though I do lurk from time to time), Steve got a call yesterday (Nov 06) that they had a donor kidney and was first in line.  He left for the hospital to do a blood test, then he was off to surgery.

He just posted a quick video a 1/2 hour ago (Nov 07) that the surgery was a success, and his transplant is functioning and making product already (!).

Couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy.

We love you, Steve, and we're all rooting for you -- now go and finish up some IQ games, will ya !!!   ;)



     Absolutely loved the Kransa Overlook screen in QFI.  Sure it's a screen that's essentially a "dead-end / boundary of the playable area" screen, but it gives two crucial bits of information: reinforcing that Roehm can't go back the way he came (because of the Baron), but more importantly, gives the relative positions of some of the more important places in the Valley of Krasna -- Volksville, Brattle's Cabin, the ruins of Killington Manor, the Morroi Fortress, the King's Road, the King's Bridge, the Great Oak Tree, the old Hummel place, and Hermit Homestead.

     Always thought it would make a nice wallpaper background, so I ran it through one of those neural network enhancers:

Banter and Chit-Chat! / Quest For Glory 2 - End Skareen...
« on: April 05, 2020, 10:39:22 AM »
On the April 2 Twitter feed for Infamous Quests, Blackthorne mentioned that the end screen of Quest For Glory 2 (referring to "Shadows Of Darkness") didn't hold up so well...

I'm not quite sure what he's talking about; it looks great to me!   ;D

(Someone ought to make a patch for that!)

IQ Chat / Space Quest 2 VGA version 2.0 has been released!
« on: January 01, 2020, 09:05:46 PM »
How do you start the new year of 2020 off right?  Well, if you're the Infamous Adventures / Infamous Quests team, you release an update of their now-classic Space Quest 2 VGA game remake, of course!

Congratulations to the IA/IQ team; now at version 2.0, it's never looked better!   :D

Hey! Space Quest 2.0 VGA version 2.0 ...

... 2.0 & 2.0 ...

... 20 + 20 ...

... 20 + 20 = 2020 ...

...and it's just in time for the arrival of 2020!  I totally get it!   ;)

Many happy downloads, everyone!


     You know Ross Scott, right?  The "Freeman's Mind" guy?  Old DOS/Windows games reviewer?  Foe of the trend towards online-only/server-dependant games?

     Well, Ross's got a HUGE list of games that he's has been interested in over the years, and QFI is on it !

     He's played a few of the games on the list, some are still in production, some have been cancelled, but there's a WHOLE lot of others out there that have been released -- including QFI !

     Here's a video about what & why:

     Here's the list of games:

     And here's the page for QFI's entry:

Quest for Infamy / Update / replace intro V.O. in QFI 2.0?
« on: February 18, 2019, 12:30:09 PM »
Now that you are accepting submissions for potential voice actors for QFI: Roehm To Ruin, I had an odd thought:

It's highly likely that you will use two new voice actors for Alyssia and the Baron, as they have more lines/speaking parts in the prequel.  Will you update the introduction for QFI version 2.0 by using the new voices (for continuity's sake), or is that introduction pretty much set in stone, where it's not worth the time/effort to splice/overlay the new RTR voices?

It's not like you don't have enough to do for the time being, and I think I know the answer; just wondering...   ;)

Banter and Chit-Chat! / Funny, I don't remember...
« on: December 12, 2018, 09:39:28 PM »
...Pac-Man on the Atari 2600 looking all that bad.

Must be the rose-colored glasses of my old age!

IQ Chat / Kings Quest For Steve video upload?
« on: July 21, 2018, 09:45:23 AM »
For those of us unfortunate saps who missed the #KingsQuestForSteve video stream, will there be a link to the video anywhere?

I'm especially curious to see the "never-going-to-be-released Kingdom of Sorrow" build that Klytos made in action.

IQ Chat / Where's the lame, obvious April Fool's Day post?
« on: April 01, 2018, 10:13:19 AM »

Come on, guys -- where's the lame, obvious April Fool's Day post?

You know, the one where you say:


Today is the day!  Not only is IQ happy to release BOTH highly anticipated games, Roehm To RuinFortress Of Fire, but we've ALSO just finished the Quest For Infamy 2: Roehm Harder sequel from that one Kickstarter that you forgot you had contributed to, oh so long ago!

Click the following link to get all THREE games, and start playing!  Enjoy!


I expected more from you guys: to hold your fan base in such contempt by doing one of these type of stupid things today.

But by treating us with such respect and in such high regard, I guess you really don't care about us at all...   :'(

Quest for Infamy / Game Choice / Design question
« on: May 31, 2017, 07:34:46 PM »
Hi, guys.

Was listening to the QFI soundtrack at work today, and a question that I've been wondering about since first playing the game hit me again:

What was the reason / decision behind trapping the Brigand and Sorcerer in Tyr at night?  The Rogue can "Magic Map" his way out, but the other two classes are essentially stuck.  (Besides forcing them to "rest" the night away until sunrise or visiting the Red Door...)

While you can get Roehm into Tyr at night, there isn't much for him to do there, especially with no Inn in Tyr.  I understand from an internal/game world logic of needing to protect the city, guarding it at night, but why in and not out?

Just wondering from a game design standpoint.  Thanks!

Quest for Infamy / I learned something today
« on: May 02, 2017, 10:30:28 PM »
While watching the PhoenixOnlineStudios/Twitch "Let's Play QFI" from last week (Part 4), Katie found the diary of old caretaker Carruthers in the rubble of the collapsed stairs -- something which I had never thought to inspect during my numerous play-throughs.

I know Blackthorne & Klytos will remind us that there are still other secrets yet to be found in this massive game world!

Since they have remained undiscovered this long, any chance of supplying some hints?...

IQ Chat / Stranger Things / PC Gamer mention
« on: January 18, 2017, 09:35:16 PM »
Just catching up on some PC Gamer magazines, and discovered that IQ was mentioned in the recent Holiday 2016 / #286 issue (U.S. version).

Located on page 91 under their "Top 10 Downloads" section, it's #5:

IQ Chat / SQ2 VGA - SQ1 Corridor Easter Egg
« on: November 12, 2016, 03:28:14 PM »
OK, I've seen the pictures for a while now -- including the IQ Twitter feed today -- but I haven't been able to find out how to access the SQ1 Arcada corridors/backgrounds Easter Egg from SQ2 VGA...

So, how does one do that?

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