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Hi friends, and backers.  My name is Steve, otherwise known as "Bt", and I'm one of the leaders of this here operation, and I'm a Writer, Producer and Director on "Quest For Infamy"!

I've gotten to know many of you over the these past months, and it's been awesome - hopefully, in this backer's forum, you'll find, see, and explore more goodies of the game and get insight into its production.

We'll also be releasing exclusives - like playable demos, deleted stuff, maybe even hits at future ideas.

Around here, though - we want you to be involved.  I want you to be involved. I'll be posting various kinds of random blogs in this here thread of mine - but you can also ask me questions here.

With that, welcome to the backer's forum!!!


Hey guys - I just want to thank you for the positive response to Demo 2.0 - I've been working on the game a lot this morning, and I literally get excited thinking about you guys playing the final version.  We have so many little interactive pockets of life and interesting quests and people for you to meet.

Feel free to comment here, or ask any questions you might have, as well.


Intendant S:
First off, let me start by saying that it's been great getting to know you, too.  I so look forward to getting my hands on the finished product.  After playing through the demo again I can tell that you guys put a lot of love into it.


--- Quote from: Intendant S on February 11, 2013, 04:49:19 PM ---I can tell that you guys put a lot of love into it.

--- End quote ---

Hell, yeah.  You could say, they "spread the love"  ;)

I ate the Marmite after we finished up the demo stuff.  Thank the maker.



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