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Terms and Conditions
Use of the Infamous Quests website and forums is subject to these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions do not use this website. Use of this website indicates that you accept these terms and conditions.

Your Contributions to Forum Activity
Any and all feedback on Infamous Quests or our products is most welcome!

Infamous Quests shall be the exclusive owner of any material you post on our forums or submit to us via any other method, unless otherwise arranged with us in writing. This is to avoid any disputes which may arise if the future content or actions of Infamous Quests appears similar to those suggested in unsolicited creative material submitted to us. Bottom line, we are discussing things about puzzles, gameplay and other creative actions in relation to computer games, there's going to be occasions where somebody comes up with an idea we're already working on and might attempt to claim credit or monetary reward.

We do not accept submissions for games or content unless requested by us. We are open and honest, but we don't want to be caught in a compromising position with our works. Talk to us in general terms first and see if we're interested!

It is sad when things like this happen, but I know it does happen.

Agreed. I don't like it either, but gotta cover our own asses as well as other peoples!

Its sad that sites nowadays have to post the obvious in their terms and conditions. LEts all thank the fucking lawyers for that. hah!  Well always look  out for #1, but don't step in #2. haha. ;D

One stupid thing is, let's say one of us on here did happen to post a good idea that you hadn't thought of, but did want to use. You would think that the having one of your ideas in a game would be enough then to try and claim some of the profits of the game.


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