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Arcatera: The Dark Brotherhood

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This one was created, ?, by Huss Westka of the Westka Corporation which went bankrupt. The game had several flaws and one was lucky to complete it. I don't recall any fixes ever being made.

A recent search of Arcatera showed it as being Ubisoft. That's news to me. Did they take over the rights and maybe fix the game?

this was a very long time ago and yes ubi was the publisher

i believe it was taken off their stores
as the dev is defunct

Ive had issues finding a copy
and no way did ubi even touch the code on this
they are the PUBLISHER for this game not the devs

This might work, being as it's now supposedly abandon ware:

Im not sure if it really is
as im sure ubi holds the ip but maybe its been released idk

id suggest trying that on win 7 or earlier though
just give it a try
cant hurt too much  mainly I worry about the nocd patch

also if it has old copy protection  securom starforce etc win 10 wont let you launch the installer
just fyi

I think since the company is capoot and the game was never fixed by the devs, the fixed game exe is probably allowed.


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