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So, I can't sleep tonight.

Had a procedure that injected massive amounts of steriods into my back, not to mention jacked me up on sedatives, which were more like a recreational afternoon for a dude of my size.  Anyway, now hearts racing, minds racing and I'm up all night.

This is where those late night can't sleep thoughts go.  I'm sure there's a few insomniacs out there from time to time.


Had a few nights like that myself recently (without the back pain). Might just be KS excitement though! Hope the treatment takes, buddy.

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Nights like those are perfect for watching movies or tv series you never got around to watching because of "this" or "that" reason!  ;)

Take care man and get well.  :)


--- Quote from: DosboxLetsPlay on April 14, 2015, 06:58:38 AM ---Nights like those are perfect for...

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NOTHING.  Sleep is wonderful and those nights are the worst.  Sorry about the lack of sleep Steve.  Feel better buddy.

Biorhythms cycle every several days. Do something to interrupt this process and you're screwed till the next cycle. If I didn't get pee erections at night, I could get a decent nights rest.


I meant Circadian Rhythm (not biorhythm). It cycles about every 17 days.


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