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Space Quest 2 VGA Complete Fan Soundtrack


UPDATE: 01/01/2015 - Thanks to Klytos, 4 tracks have been added (2 from the original OGGs and 2 new).  The download link has been updated as well.


As we look forward to the new year, how about a look back?  Say, about 3 years?

I've had this mostly done for quite some time; now that I have access to a file-sharing service, I finally got around to recording the last 5 missing tracks....

Attached is a link to the Complete Fan Soundtrack for "Space Quest II VGA: Vohaul's Revenge."

The vast majority of the tracks are from releases by Isaac Lundgren, Brandon Blume, and James Mulvale on their own websites.  Please note that I have not edited them in any way.  All in-game tracks that are designed to loop are lacking a "proper" ending and may end abruptly.

While the tracks are in game-play order, the composers' original titles have not been changed and are "as is."

The remaining 5 3 missing tracks were recorded directly from the game using SoundBlaster's "What You Hear" Audio Card option; while that's certainly not the optimum choice, it suffices for a fan soundtrack.  Please note that the titles are my own.  They are:
      Shuttle Arriving At XOS4 (with SFX) - unavoidable SFX, as it's tied into the intro
      Departing The Asteroid
      Caught In The Hunter's Snare
      Leisure Suit Roger
      Next Time In Space Quest

Because "Next Time In Space Quest" is abruptly interrupted by an encore of the "Pinkunz Nub Nub" song, a fade-out _was_ applied at the end of the track.

Also, the two music tracks from "Space Quest For Glory" were added as bonus tracks at the end.

* * * * * * * * * *

Many, many thanks to:

(1) Isaac Lundgren ("Zeek"), Brandon Blume ("Musically Inspired"), and James Mulvale ("SickFiction") for providing quality MP3 tracks to the public.

(2) Steven Alexander ("Blackthorne") for providing the "Monolith Burger Radio" track on the Infamous Adventures website forum.

(3) Infamous Adventures for "re-"making such a terrific game.

(4) Shawn Mills ("Klytos") for sending me some musical goodies, including the original tracks, "Shuttle Fanfare" (sans SFX!) and "Leisure Suit Larry," as well as the two "Space Quest For Glory" tracks.

Update, y'all!

See initial post above.  Thanks.

If only someone could do the AGDI/Himalaya version of KQ3... got a few tracks via SimpleScreenRecorder, but it's going to be a slog.


--- Quote from: Sslaxx on February 08, 2015, 07:59:51 PM ---If only someone could do the AGDI/Himalaya version of KQ3... got a few tracks via SimpleScreenRecorder, but it's going to be a slog.

--- End quote ---

Ahem...  That someone would be me.

Not to toot my own horn, but I've also done complete fan soundtracks for the AGDI versions of KQ2VGA and KQ3R:

KQ2VGA Complete Fan Soundtrack

KQ3R Complete Fan Soundtrack


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