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Quest For Infamy Soundtrack! This weekend only - $4.99!!! Get over 80 amazing tracks from the game, composed by James Mulvale! Features the full end-credits song, "Don't Count On Me" and unused tracks from development!! It's a steal!!

sorry a bit late on this post

does the soundtrack come as compressed mp3? flac? lossless?

80 tracks and some not in the game!
must.. have..

Let me know what format its in (store page doesnt say, usually it does)
most soundtracks come as flac these days but 80 tracks, id assume would have to be mp3 :(
either way let me/us know ASAP!

PS was a hardcopy ever released  ?

Kaldire -

The format is 320kbps MP3s, and is HIGHLY recommended.

The hardcopy CD release was part of the original Kickstarter reward system, IIRC.  And like the other physical rewards, BT and the gang are working hard to get them manufactured and out to the good folks who supported IQ in this crazy en devour!


--- Quote from: Goatmeal on October 26, 2014, 10:41:38 AM ---The format is 320kbps MP3s, and is HIGHLY recommended.

--- End quote ---

Will you consider releasing it as FLAC? I usually prefer using other codecs than MP3 (mostly Opus), but reencoding even from transparent MP3 will reduce quality. Reencoding from FLAC to anything gives an option to keep it transparent.

If hosting is an issue, you can for example sell it through Bandcamp. That's how Volgarr the Viking project did it for example. There shouldn't be a serious reason not to sell FLAC these days.

They are MP3 320s, which as far as I'm concerned is as close to WAV/FLAC as necessary for the size of the package. Also many tracks were rendered on my old system and I don't have many of the original masters left (damn hard drive crashes and I'm lazy at backing up) If it makes any audiophiles feel better, the originals were rendered at 24bit so there is minimal loss at the MP3 conversion stage. I hope this answers your questions, but yeah they're all 320s


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