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Why would you guys stop making games when there is renewed interest these days?

I know there are many, many idiots out there, and this is not mainstream stuff they would like but that should only encourage you to be honest.

You guys have decent taste, keep making your games, there is a future in it. DON'T LISTEN TO PEOPLE TOO STUPID TO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE EVEN PLAYING...who had no reason to pick up this type of game to begin with, which is perfectly what it was intended to be.

You guys probably did a better job on this than was done on quest for glory 3, actually you did for a least your game dose not close down all the time giving the error you did something we did not expect.

 I mean really. Just don't let things get you down, you guys are right helpful bastards actually.

Order of the Thorne : The King's Challenge / My thoughts on order.
« on: August 01, 2016, 02:33:42 PM »
I liked it, its innocence was charming, it made me smile, like axl rose said, it reminded me of childhood memories where every day was as clear as the bright blue sky. I enjoyed the stairway to heaven reference btw.

Any cheesiness it had was in a good way, a fun way, like the power rangers style bee henchmen and Lord sinister. It was great.

That seemed to be the gnome from daventry in the agdi remake on kingsquest 2.

I noticed john on the credits list btw, is that who i think it is? Only lore recommendation, kind of softpeddal the atheism when it comes to king author.

That reminds me, was there also a ''wicked'' Magregor mathers reference in there? The unknown god?

IQ Chat / What gos into making an adventre game like qfi?
« on: June 06, 2015, 04:19:02 AM »
Whats need to make such a game?

IQ Chat / looking for a reason to do again.
« on: May 13, 2015, 10:50:31 AM »
Any unexspected things you can do for new reactions/responses in first and 1.1?

like; if you dont do what your suppose to do kay will meet you walking across the brige tword farm outside volksvill and remind you of your promise.

or: if you vist hummel before tree never sleeps meeting, she will say something else, that you already found him and have letter.

Gulid butt paniting, look behind.

Anymore like that?

Is there a gift Kit or Ina will except.

A puzzle soultion to use chain or spikes from blacksmith?

Where are bracers of health? the ones the blacksmith are supoosed to sell, the wiki talks about?

IQ Chat / Is Roehm to ruin rp like qfi?
« on: May 11, 2015, 06:29:06 AM »
Roehm to ruin rp like qfi? Can I play it from start to finish yet? It have stats and such? Good for 3 hors play at least?Lol I am the only really active member of this forum....Who likes to chat about qfi.

I could discuss this game for hours, so much to cover. I have prob played 1.1 more than some of the people that made the game.  110+ hours. I truly am the biggest infamy fan, as for as

Prob because I am a glory fan of old and have got nothing new for years. Gaming is a major hobby with me as you can gather, playing and discussion.

A new take on quest for glory is a major big deal for me, and playing the flip side of the hero is something I wanted to do for 10 years. I am not really this entusastic about most games.

I post alot but none of it is really spam, mostly I have something to say...or its fun stuff. If some of it seems repetitive its because of lack of active disscusion as a realtivly new fan of infamos quests.

Yeah I  am a little free with my advice but why not? 1 billion citizens of volksvile dont care. (though maybe they do in least that weird guy on the docks)....but yeah I  tend to hold forth like a drunken oracle, but that just means I'm excited, really excited about the game.

IQ Chat / What happened to AGDInteractive Studio?
« on: May 10, 2015, 02:59:19 PM »
Those people where awesome. Kingsquest 3 redux was awesome, as were its others...I liked the trail by fire remake combat system very, very, is how I would have done it.

Problem is they faded away or gave up, there site still says a game comming soon from years ago that was never made. What happened?

Quest for Infamy / In closing please take my advice.
« on: May 09, 2015, 09:14:12 AM »
Please take my advice, I know what I'm talking about, and if not I would like to know why.

realse a 1.42 version of the game, sell a update pack for between 4.99-8.99 and include the following;

1. A special unlock when all achivments have been met for this content.

2. Hard and nighmare mode combat options.

3. bonus hidden gear for this option, some for sell at like 10k bly. Other discovered. Dispite your cuts its still too damn easy to buy everything or rather to much bly left over with nothing to buy. dont cut bly again just sell new stuff, and make it semineeded for bonus content.

4. can woo completely all females, one or more for infamy...if one or first one adds to end game vid.

 Ina requires hidden boss fight with inkeeper, which requires fabeled ghostwood stick quest. Got from old kyser wood guy, after presnting ina with a hidden gift. To attine the respect off inkeeper.

you must best volaris in mortal combat and help her aprehind a special feind....they guy she put the arrows through when tyr was on lockdown. also present her with dagger all by day 3.

you must save kit, from her life as a small town bartender, but in the end she decides to remain one but you win kit anyway.

Kay....too weired, shes a etheral female basicly, like in bc wow.
More infamy options/actions/interactions/reactions, you dont have to treat this as cannon, lorewise, but as a thanks for playing fun playthrough thing.

You can kill hummel after getting info WITH 250 INFAMY, GIVES + 30. changes story, only rayford shows up, must have completed game before to know of hummeels nature, or get clue but you would have anyway.

you can sucsessfuly steal needed perfume bottle from udo, to profit more from robbing fisherman as theif.

moose head in inn will laugh manicly if clicked on enough times and freak roehm out. evil dead/ash joke.

You can set fire to rayfords house after robbing him, rayford is not home, uless you dont do it in time. burning forces walk out and requires 10 bottles of alch in your bags with a random chance to fail and get caught based on stats.

Gives 3 options with gorth and rayford, kill/not kill/piss on, piss on is the new one.

Bhind curtain is ether a prody of devon and silem in tarrana smoking /transport you to another world comment/or the narrator who will kick roe in the shin,  laugh like a loon and take off in a dead run/reval oz comment.

This will work if your not relasing a qfi two for a couple years you could do this as a side thing in a month.

you could also relase a delux package for 42.00 that includes roehm to ruin, 1.42 game with new comment and a behind the sences special interview.

IQ Chat / Blackthorne is thougher than rayford.
« on: May 08, 2015, 09:54:42 PM »
Blackthorne your a all around tougher guy than rayford almost invincable, I daresay.

Quest for Infamy / Character disscusion QFI 1.
« on: May 07, 2015, 08:32:58 AM »
Character disscusion QFI 1.

My favorite characters where of course the protaginist, not to mention some of the supporting cast. I liked lady kibble best of the females, followed by Kay. Dr Frank and the Mayor where fun to listen too. I would like to see lady Kibble and Dr frank given a exspanded part in qfi 2 if the Devs agree. Or at least a cameo.

I also like Volaris, fairly well.  I liked the brig girl, I too like mr. roe respected her.

Ina was the farmers ''innkeepers'' daughter. Whats to say about that? She was sort of pretty and warm to roe, but I got the impression she was pretty much to every guy in town, so that did not really mean much.

I did not like swart. Yet that is nothing personal, I just dont like that character type, like I dont like country western music and such.

I did not like udo. He was sterotypical annoying. This was intinsfied by the narrator comments about him...and the fact you could do nothing aginst him, not even steal like the other shopkeepers. He seemed singled out. Also like he was passively goading the player.

I loved the Narrator though, my top 3 narrators are, the quy from heir today gone tommorow, qfg 4 in mordovia, the Qfi narrator, and the lesire suit larry remake guy.

Armand was pretty cool too...and jerod, named as my bob tail cat whom I love. I liked the gnoll too. Cute.

I once felt bad about burning the trents and such and gave pinecone, but once I saw what the treants would do to roe if he really tried to walk buy, well I burn them everytime now.

I thought the skinny one sounded a bit like stck in the mud so I Liked them at first though. Apearences can be misleading though, they are really pysco talisman trees really. Arshole condesending treants. Considering what they do there simi freindly banter is all the more disturbing for it. Burn away guys.

I liked the Morroi vocies and severn too.

I liked the wandering townspeople and the respect they showed Mr. Roehm.

It made me feel obliged to save them from rayford.

IQ Chat / Sorcerer prologue guide to extraordinary achievement.
« on: May 06, 2015, 07:52:36 AM »
Sorcerer prologue guild to extraordinary achievement, a synergistic approach.

Go to grave yard after Beast quest, during time freeze, you reincarnate there, at full health so if you die it means nothing, except you don't get to loot. 

There will always be an undead on each screen in this area for our use. As opposed to other places where monster spawn is random.

You should have your one spell from prospero, the fire spell that dose not work on undead. This is to our advantage.

The first thing is magic and blocking, blocking can let you end a fight at full health, and allow you to level your magic as long as you like on one undead.

First, engage undead, and use hacking to try to kill, and keep trying to block your heath up, don't waste any potions here.

At first you will fail, and die but you will come back instantly at full health same spot so don't worry...eventually you will get your blocking to 100 enough to take yourself to full heath and your hacking up enough to kill stuff.

OK that done, kill enough to buy the bracers of speed from prospero, no point trying to level magic without them, your faster so you can cast more often, even though he told you to go to inn hes still open and will sell you shite.

So, get them, and go back to bone yard,

leave town, hook left, keep going up to fountain, and keep going up.

Keep casting your fire spell on undead, it wont hurt them and you should now be able to block yourself up to full health, raise your magic 5 points on each undead...then kill it via hacking till hacking 100, and magic 100.

Then, you have stabbing and slashing and there is a special trick here:

listen closely. It is not just that stabbing only dose 1 damage against undead, there is a special slashing trick with leveling stabbing.

Stabbing only takes 1 point but slashing takes many, so stab till you get down to 1 point, then slash...if you do it this way by the time you level stabbing to 100 you should have a head start on slashing.

Having looted everything, when your stabbing is 100, go back to blacksmith and buy chain mail. this will reduce damage and slightly cut the amount of time you spend blocking your health up.

Go back to boot hill.


You could but a sword that hits for less, a training sword is to your advantage now. You should now finishing maxing your slashing past 50 to 100.

Now you should have kick ass sorcery, max, magic, and max sword skill. You should also have at least 1100 bly. If not, kill till you do. Go back, and upgrade your sword twice at prospero. You should not have used any of the healing potions you looted.

You should now have max stats except for stealth and climbing, bracers of speed, a great sword and chain mail...not to mention enough healing potions to finish the game, and maybe enough left over to by the ceremonial dagger, for use the next day.

*It gos almost but not exactly, without saying to make sure you at least have the amount of cash you began the game with, when starting act one...when the general goods merchant will be open.*

Now, sneak around town and quickly raise stealth to 50.

OK, now for climbing, you could use the tree outside town but, I don't recommend it. Instead head up to fountain screen and hook right, through the arch, keep going right till you hit upper waterfall screen. Turn run on, and spam click the tree till climbing is 100, relatively speaking this dose not take long.

Note: make sure speed is max in settings, for climbing because of the climbing animation length.

All this done, go back to the town and the inn, talk to kessel, and get a room for the night having got the most of the prologue and, now you can begin the game proper.

*As a special note, this prologue guide only works with 1.1 version of the game.*

I have both versions installed because each as there charms, incidentally.

Also please save your game often using this method....its not really that easy to grind all these stats requiring much repetitive actions, and if the game bugs for whatever reason or your computer restarts you have lost your work.

You might want to also do what I did and save in 3 separate slots, like Magicman1, 2 and safeguard against a corrupted save.

In closing, I never subscribed to the theory of giving things in a game when the game is almost over...using the prologue method, insures that there is plenty of game left top enjoy your characters hard won skills more fully.

You still had to earn them of course, so its not really cheating as I see it. In addition the time freeze is intentional and not a bug so its also no exploit, if you happen to care about such keeping with the spirit of fair play and adventure, that is.  :)

Quest for Infamy / Brig theviry 1.1 stat bug.
« on: May 05, 2015, 11:44:54 AM »
A brig cannot get theivery above 5 in 1.1 

Robing brattle cabin you can do, and take all  but no skill raise, you cant get a raise on any prictice doors even if you click 100 times. you cannot level it to 50, the cap is 5, what you start with.

Even secret room wich as no more than rations and a few bly besids the cake, will not take it above 5.

I'm sure this is a bug in 1.1. If I cant do something obvious 9 times out of 10 with a little thought, chances are, its a bug.

Its not that I cant figure out to practice and keep trying, give me some credit.

Mostly if I ask for a hint its because its something that dose not work as intened like the rouge chest thing where the wrong skill is looked for climbing instead of I over think something, and shoot past the mark, simply because its bugged and the intended soultion fails.

Hey, bugs happen and I am cool with that, just letting you know for the brig, the cap on the stat is 5 in 1.1.

Quest for Infamy / Like Morroi to music.
« on: May 04, 2015, 04:10:57 PM »
I thought this youtube vid would amuse you guys. lol

IQ Chat / Love your game yet Im sorry guys but I'm super pissed.
« on: May 04, 2015, 07:23:42 AM »
I finished that playthrough and never got the chest open. I thought I had it when I realised about the skill and item, but there is no such item that ups the theivry stat, unless its in the chest and required to open it which would be ironic....and you cant get it over 100, by grinding, its pure skill yeah but a skill you cant get.

I put over 30 hours real time into solving that puzzle and failed after asking on forum for help multiple times. I understand, about not wanting to give things away, and solving it yourself. I am like that, but there is a limit.

I was all exicited about the rooms discovered it and spent more time on it than grinding stats to max and I could not complete it.

I am astonished that there is no info like that about this game online, I spent another 6 hours maticulusly serching the web for the awnser once I gave up and nothing.

There is such a thing as too much, I never spent that long on a single puzzle in any kings quest game when they were current.

Truth be told I'm a little sick about it. :-\

I prob should not bother with the other classes rooms if its more of this shite once I get in.

Maybe I jus dont think in the way required which is damn odd as I finished the pearals of rosella in one week, without help when it first came out. Yet this puzzle made me look like a monkey.

The whole fan game was really fun, I do love it, but this puzzle took away from that.

Dont give me its not needed to finish the game stuff, of course its not but its something extra for the forth playthrough the room is in fact why I did it a forth time so soon. I wanted to see the new content. I beat the peg puzzle when I really tried without cheating.

I could have even done a music puzzle, or a math puzzle. Or beat the computer at a game of chess, but this is ridiculious.

It could have asked me random riddles, been a mini game basied on mental aginity, or whatever but not this.

I hate to say it but this makes me feel stupid and old. I got to tell you guys, I dont like feeling that way. I know its just a game but I take my hobby very seriously. Its a serious sort of hobby, gaming.

IQ Chat / 1.1 bug list act one. (spoilers)
« on: May 03, 2015, 07:52:54 AM »
1. Hunters.
You can no longer just kill the hunter outright as a infamus type might choose to do and have the other hunters run away, as you can in the other version of the game if you felt that was more like your classs, more infamus then using the hooker solution.

You can ignore the hunters walk around to where ever, the dwarf mine or beach, even come up bhind them if you choose, they are not really blocking anything if you take the right path. This is not cliping or and exsploit you can easily just choose a path that aviods them. No need to bother with them if you dont want.

which is of course the first thing one would try, this pretty much negates the hooker method.

Mayors house
2. You can no longer be smart and skip the statue thing by climbing the vines at the mayors house and going right to it, it says your not close enough when you stand at the door up top and try to open it after you have climbed up. Thats elainating options and forcing one solution or its a bug. You could in other version.

Top of barracks.
 if you choose to click on a statue and hide on top of the rouge secert entance to tyr, it triggers a patroling guard/maybe volarus, otherwise its just as it was a entrance and exit...but the pat never comes back just busts you when you try to exit.

 I thought you needed to pickpocket her to open tyrs arrow barracks 4th chest or something but there is no interaction you can really do with her up there but get killed so....yeah no point in clicking the statue to trigger it.

Rouge secert room, you cant open 4th chest but you can all 3 guards chests but this maynot be a bug as it says you need help so maybe I have not found the solution stat grinding in act one.

Then again, I did not think it would be easy to get acsess to volarises chest anyway much as Roe would like to, shes not a easy date.

Rayfords house.
You can break in still, in act one, and get a book about solving the moonshiner puzzle that has yet to occur. Getting a great sword aalso and not needing to worry about prosperos overpriced spells....then map out immdently, as for some reason its hard to exit via door.

Of course people are going to try smart solutions first, but then with the archry game, its pretty much unlimited free blys anyway so this hardly matters. You can have what you like in the first few days.

A rouge like roland shoots with there mind, and seeks the most pragmatic solution. He would first do what i did and simply walk around then he would try hooker method. More cost effective to. A master theif wont waste money if its not needed.

In the hunter puzzle, a brig for exsample would just ambush and kill/loot them if he had the skill. Brigs are not very nice guys, play trail by fire if you want to see what I mean.

Even if he were what would be considered soft for a brig, he killed gorth for less, knowing very little at the time if you think about it, gorth was just running his mouth and picking a fight. 

Roe atagonized him and then killed him for his lip basicly, and because he was a bully, when he decided to escalate roe had the sense to know the man would if he took one  look at him. Roehm is not a stupid man.

Thes hunters are clearly arsholes like gorth after all. Not letting the man pass and the way they talked. bullies of a kind too. Well, live like a arsehole, die like one. Nope not very good guys...and they were activly in the way.

Otherwise he would be a fighter/warrior wannabe qfg pally, and not shades of a more complex, contextaly more noble, qfg style brig seeking infamy rather than normal glory.

A wizard/warlock would likely fear them. If your using rp and thinking like your character, rather than needless killing, or wasting time, he is a man who relise on intelect and would first try his spells. Besides as the cool narator says, roe is a bit lazy. (I love they narrator).

I see playing 3 classes like in qfg, your playing three parts of roe's character and devided mind, they are aspects of him...and besides the class should inflence ways of looking at things and problem solving, otherwise what is the point eh?

As for the over a apple achevement...well, I wont even go there.

IQ Chat / My observations on infamy quest. (spoilers)
« on: April 29, 2015, 08:38:04 AM »
First, I Am a classic sierra fan to the max, I have played quest for glory all 5 games about 50 times, all kings quest and remakes, gabe knight series, phantasmagoria, and other non sierra similar games, I dont go for the sam or max stuff nor monkey island it annoys me.

I really liked quest for infamy and this surprised me, I  had it for a whle but would would not play it, I thought it would turn out to be a complete farce, and mostly a bunch of new age trash but I  was wrong, you guys actully have good taste, from the refrences I  caught you like the same sttuff I  like.

Sai jonas was the bly shooting game guy. nice touch. and prosperos walter refrence, the box for the eye (locknar) being made out of ''heavy metal'', the name of the centai city, the crow, eric draven, even lupin out there  as well as others out there, smart. dr frank was campy amusing too.  :)

The style was true as well, just what I would want, even the bugs were on par with like qfg3. Perfect interface, the story was realitivly ok, I did not aspect there to be much of a story, again suprised pleasently.

A few issues though, he could not really woo a girl for a part in a end game cut secene, maybe he would not bother given the situation but given that he can give gifts, its a bit misleading, makes you think of shades of qfg 5 without the marraige instead of qfg 3/4 flirting, but no follow up.

Also the infamy dose not really go up with qeustionable solutions, I tried torching the treants instead of giving them the pinecone, it worked but no effect on infamy...then fearing them, which is what I would choose personaly given the game, as a anti-hero of mine would not burn such createres given there nature, more so a wizard...but again no effect, so I just reloaded the cautionary save, and gave them the blasted pinecone as I did on the first play through.

I even tried the smart arse solution of burning them and then trying to drop the pinecone at them but the developers obvious never thought of that, as it did not work, likewise burning then fearing, worked but no infamy effect. (distasteful anyway)

Also I  found that most of the brig like action that should have caused infamy to go up were not allowed, or if they were had no effect on it. Oddly qfg hero actions did. (honor).

Next thing, is the wacky stats could not be maxed, thats qfg tradition and half the fun, maxing them as early on as possible.

I played first as a brig as I first played qfg as warrior, and am half through act one as magic user now, decided to play through all 3 back to back, so your obviouly doing something right with the game. The nawar painting in brigs layer was nice touch btw.

found out if you have 2 maps i think, one from mentor other bought off the crow, it dose not remove the map function at end game, and you for some reason need to press enter in chat instead of clicking a solution is to walk back up to outside the morri compound and talk to the woman, instead of pulling out your magic map.

its a easy mistake to make, you can buy off crow befor mentor gives, more so in brig if your not using the walk through to complete the horse quest, you can very well have been using the map a bit from crow befor the brig leader gives it to you. 2 maps, one taken by game other left in inventory is my quess.

I never use waklthrough on frst playthrough.

As a magic user I find him oddly weaker and less abel at servival and killing than the brig so far.

On the brig I just killed the hunter out right on first encounter, and the others flead never even messed with the women in tyr, it was needed on wizaed so looked for this solution and found it.

on brig you just keep blocking and use power move over and over, with an occasional healing potion you rarely if ever die and half way through can end fights at full health, so simple a child could do it., Even rayford. With a wizard more of a challenge.

IF the aproch your taking is pure, no stats maxed not related to class, then remove them, from class and achive non relivant to, as opposed to hybrid. I reallyu dont want to see them on stat sheet if I cant max.

will finish as wizard and try theif and lety you know.

Also wizard gets flying nimbis, lol...and the cematary oddly reminded me of gabe knight odd but true, I almost exspected to see red marks on the side of a tomb as a joke. The music was pretty I daresay.

Also the morri leader reminded me of goro from from mortal combat, I was exspection a hp lovecraft/clark ashton smith sort of thing, still pretty good.

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