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The Quest For Infamy Companion (Strategy Guide/Art Book/Hint Book w/Decoder)

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So... what about an Art Book/Strategy Guide/Hint Book with decoder window for Quest For Infamy? Yay or nay?

Well, the reason I ask about interest is because to make something like this, we'd probably have to use crowd funding (Kickstarter, et. al) to raise the initial kind of money we'd need to be able to make these - not only to pay the price for the production of the book, the creation of the custom decoder window, eBook versions, etc - and to pay someone to construct the layout of the book; to arrange the text written, the artwork, and create the decoder text to be seen - etc.

It wouldn't be a really high goal project, at least to do an initial run of say - 100-150 copies - probably with a basic goal of $3,000 to $5,000 for an initial production of that - but we'd have stretch goal ideas for a larger print run, hardcover editions, etc. I know we'd love to produce something like this, but I wanted to not only gauge the response and want for an item like this from all you people - but if we do decide to run a crowdfunding campaign, to get your input on what you'd like to see from the campaign.

We don't wish to tread into something like this lightly, and you fans have been our only support in this - we don't have any corporate sponsors or the like, so keeping you involved in the process is very important to us.

So - it's really important to me (Bt) and the rest of the team to get your thoughts. Would you pledge so something like this? Any ideas for the campaign? I know the book is a physical reward - but we'd be doing a eBook version of it too for Nook/Kindle/Pdf - but those would require one physical element; red decoder glasses you can wear as you stare at the screen, etc. Anyway - Thoughts?

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Intendant S:
I already said this on Facebook, but I will SO be in for a Kickstarter to get an old-style hint book of the game.

Yeah, it'd be a combination Art Book/Hint book - It'd be arranged so that the art on the pages would be relevant to the content of the hints/strategies on the pages - plus, the decoder window would be a custom job that would have more original artwork by our artists on it as well.  Plus there would be historical information about the world the game takes place in (Tahrsein) and bits of information about other lands, etc - the history of development on the game.  Most likely naked pictures of James Mulvale, our composer.  (I kid, I kid!)  But, yeah - chock full of hints to get you through the game, plus a few redherrings, silly questions and outright lies.


You can count on me to heave in a coin or two. It will be interesting to see how you think about the reward tiers for this Kickstarter.

$20 - 2 naked paintings of James Mulvale
$50 - 1 naked painting of James Mulvale
$100 - No naked paintings of James Mulvale
$1000 - Okay, we'll never bring up the subject of naked James Mulvale again.

I'm definitely in support of this.  I think the red herrings are a cute idea but only (IMHO) if the correct answers are given afterwards.  I'd be frustrated otherwise--I like my walkthroughs to be pretty straightforward.  But this old-school style with the decoder window is just awesome.  I'll back you guys for this, no question, regardless of how you want to design it.

Naked pics, I'd back for twice as much!   :P


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