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Hey backers,

I'm Shawn, also known as Klytos, and I'm one of the bosses around here at Infamous Quests. I'm also a writer on Quest for Infamy, a "special projects" programmer, Director and Producer. That's a lot of titles!

To elaborate a bit, you've not really seen much of my writing so far in the demo, except for some room interactions (like when you click the look icon on part of the screen you're in) but you'll see a lot more in the full game. One of my writing tasks has been to design the "extra content" stretch goal and, with Steve, to make sure it fits into the overall story-arc. For programming, I've done a lot of work on the combat engine (although Chucklas cleaned up my code a lot, which it needed!) and the way the statistics work in the context of the game. Again, what you've seen in the demo is only a fraction of what it will look like in the final game, and you can check out my other thread in the backers forum for more about what it will look like in the future!

Like Steve, I'll be using this thread to post my thoughts and updates on my work on the game, and maybe some random thoughts on life at the moment. Feel free to ask me any questions you might have, sometimes I've even give you a straight answer!

Cheers and I look forward to getting to know you all a lot better over the course of production!


My first post in this thread, and it's got very little (ok, nothing at all) to do with QFI, IQ or Adventure Games.

You see, if you're unaware, Australia is going through a pretty severe season of natural disasters and where I live has just been flooded. We were cut off for a few days, which wasn't too bad, but we lost our phone lines, power and fresh drinking water as well as a heap of other things as well, which was worse. So the good news is that a lot of that stuff is back up, but the bad news is that I STILL don't have a phone line into my house, so therefore no internet! My computer got fried in one of the storms, and I am getting a replacement under warranty, so I'm back to my old laptop which unfortunately doesn't have my QFI source code on it. (Don't worry, Chucklas is still working on the game, we backup to our servers very very often.) So the old laptop is basically a piece of shit, but it does have a copy of AGS and some old source codes on it, so I've been playing with some stuff and creating some awesome things. But it doesn't have wireless, which sucks, so I can't get online with it. I do have my iPad to post on forums and such so I'm staying in the loop which is fun.

So that's what I've been up to the last two weeks. Exciting stuff.

You may now return to your usual programming.

Finally got the nerve to look in this thread, was a bit worried what "Klytos bits and pieces" might entail. Why haven't we seen you embarrass yourself on vid yet? I would love to see Shawn do a Haka on vid In honor of your kiwi backer(s)

I'm actually making a video right now for all our backers. I must say, it's awesome.


--- Quote from: Klytos on February 23, 2013, 05:05:53 AM ---I'm actually making a video right now for all our backers. I must say, it's awesome.

--- End quote ---

...which is entirely in ASCII art, because that's all that can be accomplished on the ancient laptop, right?  ;)

Seriously, though... old enough that it doesn't have wireless?!

It's pretty amazing (and says a lot of good things about AGS) that you can accomplish anything useful, game-wise.  I could certainly see someone writing dialogue or designing interactions/puzzles.  But actually building/playing/running from sources?  Bravo, Klytos!


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