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Space Quest 2 VGA version 2.0 has been released!


How do you start the new year of 2020 off right?  Well, if you're the Infamous Adventures / Infamous Quests team, you release an update of their now-classic Space Quest 2 VGA game remake, of course!

Congratulations to the IA/IQ team; now at version 2.0, it's never looked better!   :D

Hey! Space Quest 2.0 VGA version 2.0 ...

... 2.0 & 2.0 ...

... 20 + 20 ...

... 20 + 20 = 2020 ...

...and it's just in time for the arrival of 2020!  I totally get it!   ;)

Many happy downloads, everyone!



how do u get into sq3? i replayed it several times trying to lick/smell everything... found the bar in labion but that's it... is the entrance from in there somehow? i'd just love to check out the work done on sq3 it looks so cool...


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