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Hey guys, I know some of you around here would like this, so I'm going to try to keep this updated with work I'm doing for Quest for Infamy 2.0.

It's not a new game, but I'm cleaning up the code, truing to fix any lingering bugs and get it a bit leaner and meaner than it was.  Today I spent time reprogramming the whole achievements system in game.  We streamlined the process a bit, Klytos and I, and got the code leaner and meaner for it.  It was tedious work, but hopefully it'll work pretty well.  I'm also trying to compile a list of common bugs and errors so I can check those all and test/fix them.

I'll be loading v2.0 betas onto Steam, so if you want to opt in, play and test, you're more than welcome to.  I'll amend this with directions on how to do so once I upload a new build.


Great to hear! I'm desperately waiting for 2.0 on itch/GOG as I want to replay your game once more in the newest version. I'm looking forward on the new version. Thank you for the info!

Hey, sorry for pestering, but may I ask if there is a release date for 2.0 or news about the progress? I'd really like to play the game (again), but I'm not sure if I should wait on 2.0 or just go with 1.2...

Are there any news from the front line?

silent airrr hehe

prolly packing up stuff, testing stuff  anddd taking care of family!


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