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The release of this amazing game is nearly upon us (June 26th to be exact, in case you missed the news!) and we're starting to build towards that day. Our forums will be undergoing some work in the next few weeks and you'll probably find some forums will be gone, new ones will have appeared and lots of exciting news will be spoken about![/font]

Thanks so much for backing Quest for Infamy! We appreciate your support and this game simply wouldn't have been possible without your help! We hope you've enjoyed the little snippets and tidbits we've shown you as production progressed! We've tried to keep them interesting and different, as well as not showing you everything (that would just spoil the game!) Because of the release of the game, the content on the private backer forums will be moved to the "Roehm's Hangout" forum, our general chat forum for Quest for Infamy. No need to keep that stuff secret anymore!

So once again, thank you! You will never know how much it means to us to have your support in the making of what has been a long process in bringing Quest for Infamy to completion.

~ Shawn (Klytos)

 ;D 8) ;D


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