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Quest for Infamy / Re: Status of QFI physical rewards
« on: April 14, 2022, 06:59:10 PM »
Thanks for the reply! I don't want to pre-emptively get my hopes up just yet as we've been in a similar situation before, but I definitely believe you want this matter put to rest as much as we do.  :)

Best of luck with your new ventures too, it must be pretty cool working with Ken & Roberta Williams!

PS - My address hasn't changed, but if things happen to reach that point and you want to re-confirm it, let me know.  8)

Quest for Infamy / Re: Status of QFI physical rewards
« on: April 05, 2022, 04:05:19 PM »
Although it irks me a bit that those who came here and were rude and threatening got their copy while those of us who were quiet, patient and supportive may never get it.
Yeah I noticed that too, which definitely sucks as it's giving signals that being an a**hole gets results, while being polite gets disregarded and/or ignored.

I'm not going to start a bigger topic as my original post has all the necessary questions and info, I just hope it eventually does get an answer from either Steven or Shawn.  :-\

At the end of the day though, there's no shame in bringing this up as we're both paying customers for a product we've been (quite patiently) waiting for 7-8 years.  :)

Quest for Infamy / Status of QFI physical rewards
« on: January 26, 2022, 04:21:38 PM »

It's been a while since we got an update about the Quest for Infamy physical rewards that haven't been shipped out yet and because the last time someone brought it up was left unanswered, I thought I'd make a new dedicated thread about it.

I can't say for certain how many years have passed since I backed this project (at least 5-6), but since I live in Europe, I'm always among the last people to get my goodies when I back projects/order stuff, so in light of that I have two questions:

How many backer rewards are actually left unfulfilled at this point? At earlier times, Steven mentioned shipping them out on a weekly basis and I'm sure the speed has slowed down, but having a more-or-less stable schedule would be really appreciated. I know you said not too long ago on twitter that you want to finish this matter of shipping them out before you move on to newer projects and I believe in you Steven, but I've also reached a point where I'd really love to receive my rewards as I'm starting to worry if I'll ever receive them. :/

And in relation to that, I don't mind being at the back of the list of people who receive their goodies, but assuming you do have some sort of a schedule for shipping this stuff & and an overview of how many packages there are left, when can I expect my package?

I want all of you to succeed, I love the games you've done thus far, but I also want to stop worrying about this matter. :)

Thanks in advance and the best of wishes


The recent announcement from Ken Williams that he's making a new game reminded me of Quest For Infamy and the on-going situation with the physical stuff. Is there any news on that front about when those of us who have yet to receive our physical goodies might expect them to arrive?

Always the best to y'all

Well, I've waited ~3 years for the physical stuff. It's great that some people got their boxes back in spring and actually provided pictures of their received goods. However, for me personally (and this is a message directly to @Blackthorne ), starting from October, I won't be able to receive the goods, so it would actually be best if you don't send my physical goodies before June, 2018. At the rate it's going though, I do believe that it won't be an issue, but I just thought I'd mention it, so I hope you take that into consideration if at all possible. :D

Thanks.  8)


I am sad to read that some people have taken not getting their boxes as far as starting to annoy your family about it. I, also, do believe that your intentions are in the right place and the best way to calm people/even regain their trust is by shipping out the boxes to them. I hope they can share pictures of received physical goodies asap as I'm sure that will put everyone's mind at rest about whether you are actually shipping the boxes or not. :)

That being said, take care mate and I hope to hear more of your new games in the near-ish future as well. :P


I don't think it gets labelled as "stalking" when you have unfinished business with a person and wonder how he/she is doing.


Woah, this is getting a bit dark. I can assure you that, unless if robots have taken hold of his social media accounts, he is alive. :D


Did he promise that on a Friday? Because I know we have already established that things he promises on a Friday don't actually have any meaning (one of the absolute most fucking ridiculous things I've ever read in defense of someone else).

Haha dude, you took that waaay too seriously.  ;D 'Twas meant as a joke (but thanks for making me giggle :D ).

@eXoScoriae Sorry, have been quite busy recently so I haven't had time to reply.

Anyhow, I'll try to keep it short this time:

I don't want to reply with what I have said already, so it'll just be new stuff.

Yeah, well the friday thing IS more of a joke, but there's some truth to that as well. :D

As to the matter of delays and updates, you WOULD get a bigger picture if you followed him on social media channels like FB and twitter, but I understand that one should not be expected to do that to get new info when there's a forum created by the company, ready to use.

And guess what? I don't even get paid for them. Nobody gave me over $50,000 and said, "Hey, get a team together and get this out by X date". It was all volunteer work. I could have walked away at any time and I wouldn't have owed a single person anything. But I didn't. Because I started that project and I decided to finish that project.

Okay, that right there is a horses*** argument. Keep these things in mind:

1) They created a Kickstarter to make a game. THAT is how they got the money and they have a game to show for it.
2) QFI was not voluntary work in that sense (although there were volunteers involved) - they couldn't have taken the money and just walk away with it.
3) I assume you did not even ask for money and it was a project you decided to take on yourself, knowing that you won't get paid for the worked hours, so your work can't really be compared to theirs in that sense?
4) The money from that kickstarter is long gone, Steven does the shipping from personal funds.

@eXoScoriae did you actually try to contact him during those weeks? I mean if he promised to send the pics & such the very next day and failed to do so, you can assume that he is 1) busy and/or 2) forgot about it. Again, if you didn't (it's unclear from your last post), then you should've contacted him the next week. This could be a bit off-topic, but making promises for friday afternoons should not be taken very seriously. :D

I believe that he might've sent 3 boxes per week at the start, but then it slowed down/stopped due to other stuff coming in his life.

As for your answer to my question, you could be right, I do not have backed a lot on Kickstarter and I have read plenty of stories how kickstarter creators rip off people cruelly, but this is not a dead Kickstarter. They gave a full, long, proper game which I and many others thoroughly enjoyed, so I don't think you can categorize this project with the rest in that "graveyard".

IF he has all the necessary funds + time to send out the boxes, then the only argument you could make is that he is lazy and just won't bother with it, but I very much doubt that that is the case here. He has nothing else to do with these boxes. If he tried to rip us off and sell these boxes to someone else, people would find out about it.

This is just a matter of time and patience, and while I do truly understand that it sucks for you to getting a promise which has not been fulfilled, I think (at least I hope) in good time, we will all receive our boxes and other physical rewards that have not yet been shipped.

eXoScoriae tapped 4 mana to cast the spell "Wall of Text".

In all seriousness though, dude, jesus christ, you rant more than a russian troll. I think it's quite obvious that the majority of what you've said here can be summed up with the words "impatient brat".

Yes, if there was an agreement between you and Steven that he would ship your box before/on a certain date and he hasn't done that then it is bad play on his part. I won't repeat what MusicallyInspired said, but he IS one man and NOT a big company, you seem to have forgotten that while you went on your rampage on him.

It seems that your main issues here is that a) he did not ship your box at the time that was promised and b) as I understand it, you think that the boxes do not even exist, is that it?

I believe that if a) is what really happened, then your box would already be on the priority shipping when Steven finds the time to deal with that, but I think that b) is bothering you equally with a).

The boxes ARE there, if you had followed this whole ordeal from the start, you would've seen the updates that he has posted with pictures where he has stacks upon stacks of boxes in his (living?)room.

As for the shipping, it is pretty clear that this is coming from his own expenses. The rules of Kickstarter are vague in that sense, because Infamous Quests has delivered the main goal of what was expected from the agreement on Kickstarter, meaning that Steven could've come up with LOADS of excuses as to why the physical rewards would not be fulfilled completely (and offer refunds to lawyered-up-the-wazoo people like you), but he has told that he will get the boxes shipped.

Seriously though, why the fuck would he still be saying, after over a year of delays, that he will ship the boxes if he actually doesn't plan to? Answer me this question @eXoScoriae

While @helmishgen brought out some good thoughts, you on the other hand @eXoScoriae are acting childish. I'm sorry to say this, but the way you write just screams "Waaaahh, why isn't MY box here yet?".

I do have had my doubts that will I ever receive my big box or no, but I also doubt that Steven would be saying these things and talking to us here, openly, if he was just leading us on & bulls***ing all the way. It just wouldn't make any sense.

On the matter of getting the boxes shipped, I'm more afraid that maybe my box will get stuck at the customs office without me being informed than Steven not shipping it.

Quest for Infamy / Re: power outage now game wont start up
« on: January 22, 2016, 05:02:47 AM »
Spoiler (hover to show)

Banter and Chit-Chat! / Re: Episodic King's Quest The Odd Gentlemen.
« on: December 19, 2015, 04:22:40 PM »
@Kaldire I agree that it's bad there's no cloud saves, but doing backup saves should be set in your mind by default already for games like this. If I play a game, I usually play it all the way through in a, relatively, short period of time. For episodic games like the new KQ though, that's where you need to make backups. There are so many things that could happen which would mess up your saves.

Banter and Chit-Chat! / Re: Episodic King's Quest The Odd Gentlemen.
« on: December 18, 2015, 08:36:39 AM »

I uninstalled KQ
when you do this  since there is no cloud save, nor local saves, there is only the option to play from ep 1 again for me
no save carried over via steam..

im confused.

What's confusing about it mate?

A) If you let the game be installed like daventry, you can continue the story (jump straight into ep 2)
B) If you uninstall the game, it resets the progress and you have to restart the whole thing.

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