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Free Sir Gauen

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Hi Everyone,

Is there an option to release Sir Gauen from the spiderwebs?
Unlike the gnome, he doesn't strike me as a bad person. He just needed to learn his lesson.
Is there any way to free him (by a sharp object, for example), if he promises not to pass the border again?

Sir Gauen should have listened to the Spider Queen! She eventually lets him go, but you can't help free him.  She keeps him occupied during the rest of The King's Challenge.


Sounds like the start of a successful T-shirt campaign:


--- Quote from: Adventuress on March 27, 2019, 10:06:38 PM ---Is this Order of the Throne?  I don't recall Sir Gauen in that game...  Perhaps I should replay it?

--- End quote ---

Yes, he is one of the competitors of the King's Challenge.

Um, that shirt cracks me up.


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