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World Atlas of the Great Realm of Uir

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Here is an fan-made atlas for the Great Realm of Uir, giving the general locations of the lands and mountain ranges described in The King's Challenge and the plot prologue to the Fortress of Fire.  My intention is to keep it updated as the other three Order of the Thorne games are released.

Please note that this map is a work-in-progress and subject to change for the following reasons:

1. While we know of places like Mor Claiomh and Glen Morgana, their locations haven't been fully described yet.

2. We don't know of other countries/lands/mountains/bodies of water for Uir at this point.

3. As this is general speculation based on information provided by the game(s), the game makers may have a different idea or more detailed plan as to the exact locations of these lands and landmarks.

As more information is known (further game releases, conversations with game designers, etc.), the map will be changed accordingly.

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very cool mate .. very


The first thing to consider is that the Realm of Uir isn't border to border Kingdoms / Countries like Europe is today. It's little Kingdoms taking pockets of the greater world. The space between the kingdoms is commonly referred to as "The Wilds" and all manner of untamed and magical creatures live there. There are roads through the wilds but they aren't maintained or controlled by anyone, they're used by merchants and travelers and can be dangerous places. Sometimes there is an Inn or a rest spot at a crossroads in the Wilds which are neutral ground (usually) and are controlled by just the Innkeeper or a rich merchant who's set up business there. The Inn where Finn stops in the introduction to TKC is one such place, that one is about two days travel east of the Faerie Kingdom and two days west of the Kingdom of Rosette.

This area of Uir is one large continent with the Mirror mountains splitting it neatly into north and south. The Kingdom of Sunlight is in fact a valley encircled on all four sides by the Forlorn Mountains. There are only two ways in, to the east and to the north. The eastern entrance is through a system of caves. The northern section is a mountain pass. About a weeks travel north of the Kingdom of Sunlight is "Nevad 'Yrt Rule". Not much is known about this realm except that it only allows trade through one outpost on it's southern border, doesn't allow foreigners into it's realm, and trades the most exotic silks and fine wines.

In the south, if you take the Faerie Kingdom as the centre point like you have, the "Spider Dominion" shares a common border which is directly on the north-western border of the Faerie Kingdom. The Spider's take in the foothills on the Mirror Mountains as well, although there's a path split into the "Low Road" and "High Road". The Spider Dominion controls the low road (which is under the mountains). The High Road is a mountain pass which noone controls. "Stoneland" is actually in the Mirror mountains and is bordered on the east and south by the ocean (think of it as the bottom right corner of the map). The Kingdom of Rosette and Stoneland share a common border.

WOW !!!

Thank you SO much for the information, Klytos -- I _REALLY_ dig stuff like this about game worlds !

(As a budding cartography enthusiast, I always enjoyed the maps in the Feist books -- they made the places feel 'real'...)

I will make corrective adjustments to the map as soon as I get the chance.

No probs. I have more than that in my files somewhere I can dig out sometime. Maybe. I'm not sure how much extra stuff will be spoilers.

And I agree about Feist! When I first read his stuff and as he introduced new areas, I used to refer back to the maps to figure out where I was located. Although I knew the Kingdom pretty well because I'd played Betrayal at Krondor so much.


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