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Ok, I'm loving this game, first & foremost.  I would love nothing more than to complete it without hints or a walkthrough (that's actually a lie, I almost always have to use at least part of a walkthrough), but I'm stuck and I don't like it.  ;)  I'll try to explain very quickly where I'm at:

(By the way, possible SPOILERS ahead...I haven't posted in over a year so I'm rusty on how to hide sentences & paragraphs!  I apologize for that.)

I'm basically just unsure of where to go next.  I have met Yamma Uba, gotten the restored potion made, freed the knight from the spider, gotten the fisherman & Glenda together...gotten a spider in a jar, rescued the gnome...visited the Isleof the Honored...

What do I do next?  For one, I'd like to know how to get the Firienne Berries from that damn angry tree...I can pacify it with music but that's not enough. 

Also--please tell me how to find the damn pixie's harp in the swamp maze.  I've wandered around forever!  Is it something with the thorny bush?  I have zero clue what the turtle's riddle means "don't wear wet pants in the swamp" or whatever he says, hah.  ;)

I know it's early & I'm impatient...but when I really like a game I get a little obsessed.  You guys have made an amazing game.

Thanks so much!!  Good to see familiar faces on here.  ❤️

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