Infamous Quests at PAX East 2015


Infamous Quest’s co-founder Steven Alexander (aka Blackthorne) will be at PAX East this weekend and will feature as a panelist for “Reboot Our Roots: Bringing Our Favorite Games Back to Life”, along with other prominent indie adventure game developers such as Katie Hallahan of Phoenix Online Studios and Dave Gilbert of Wadjet Eye Games.

The panel seeks to answer the following question: “Many of today’s indie games are spiritual successors of yesteryear’s hits, from King’s Quest to Gabriel Knight to Quest for Glory—with some even being developed by the same teams that brought us the originals. What’s it like to reboot a franchise or genre after 30 years? How do you update a classic while staying true to the original? Industry veterans share their stories of revisiting their roots, taking up their heroes’ mantles, and what they’ve learned in the intervening years.”

You can find out more about the event here.

The other exciting news is that we will be announcing our next projects as well and give an insight into the future of Infamous Quests. We’ll be posting the announcement on the blog too so keep a look out!