Jun 14

Exclusive Development Updates at Phoenix Online’s Blog

Phoenix Online, the company publishing Quest for Infamy has a blog that features development updates, interviews, videos and more for our soon to be released RPG adventure. There are some great updates and some interesting feature articles on what to expect in the game. Here’s an exclusive video that showcases the sheer size and world of Quest for Infamy.

If you want to see more then check out the blog by clicking here.

Feb 01


Our message boards are now enabled with Tapatalk. This is an app that is free to download from most mobile platforms that transforms our forums into a social hub. Any topics and posts can be easily read and replied too and you can receive notifications straight to your phone whether you receive a direct message or quoted in a post. You can find out more by heading over to www.tapatalk.com.If you’re already signed up with Tapatalk than all you need to do is make sure your account email address matches your forum profile email and once you’ve found us you can start connecting and getting involved on the go. Or at home, it’s your phone.

And we want to remind everyone we do have backers’ private forums available with exclusive content and sneak peeks. If you backed Quest for Infamy you can register to our forums and we’ll give you access. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss out.

Nov 21

Adventure X 2013

Infamous Quests will be returning to Adventure-X 2013 expo in London on the 7th and 8th of December. We’ll be demonstrating Quest for Infamy and premièring the game trailer too. If you can make it then you should definitely come a long. Entry is free and there’s plenty of special guests, exhibitors, talks and a good place to chat with other adventure game fans.

Here’s a video of last’s years Adventure X. I’m interviewed somewhere. Look out for the posh twat!

Check out the website below for more information. Hopefully see you all there!


Sep 24

Bt eats Marmite to Prove His Love for QFI and IQ

Broomie enjoys marmite.  He enjoys it on toast.

I do not.  I once had marmite on a dare, and I spent hours scraping my tongue, and drinking from a toilet bowl to get the taste out of my mouth.

However, with encouraging from Mr. Broom – I, Bt, have decided to eat Marmite on Toast to prove my love for all things Infamous Quest, and our beloved game, Quest For Infamy.

This will all be happening live – details to follow.  Needless to say, it may be in your interest to watch me eat Marmite.  It could be entertaining.

As I said, keep your eyes on the site for more details.

Here’s the video!

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Jul 26

Why…. Blackthorne?

Some of us around here have net-handles. Me, well you can see I use “Blackthorne” which has become “Bt” over the years. It’s a funny story behind Blackthorne, and it’s the handle I have used on-line since 1990. Since I was originally playing Sierra games 23 years ago now.

Many people often think it stems from the Interplay published game “Blackthorne” which came out for the SNES in 1994, but my usage predates that – I was 12 in 1990, and a voracious reader. My grandfather was a big reader, and I remember these large tomes that lived on on his shelf – “The Godfather” by Mario Puzo, “Crime and Punishment” by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, “Exodus” by Leon Uris, “The Source” & “Cheasepeake” by James Michener are some that stick out – along with “Shogun” by James Clavell. So one day, I took down Shogun and started reading it – it was definitely a struggle and a bit above me, but on my visits, I would read a couple dozen pages or so every time – and the protagonist of that novel was John Blackthorne.

Being 12, I thought that was a cool name, and when I started to dial into BBSs, I used that name as my login ID. In the early day of modem and BBSs, I used it on every site – and you’d find users from all over keeping the same ID, establishing an identity. So, I have used this for over 23 years now.

Nice bit of random trivia. I’m sure everyone has stories behind their net handles. I’m always interested in hearing them.


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Feb 12

The Long History Of The Adventure Game Revival

So, I’m sitting here, and the hour is growing later here on the East Coast of the United States. This is when my mind starts to get away from me – as if it almost floats two feet to the left of my head, and takes a look back at the man sitting at the keyboard.

I spent a good amount of time this evening recovering information from my old hard-drive from a dead-desktop computer. I found a lot of old IA/IQ materials – almost 10 years worth. I’d been transfering it from computer to computer for almost 10 years…. ideas, concepts… so much work that the public hasn’t seen. Anyone who’s been a member of Infamous Adventures or Infamous Quests can testify to the vast amount of stuff that haunts our forums and servers. It’s a bit of living history, for me – tracking that time.

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Nov 08

Pulsing, pounding work

Hey guys,

Bt here.

Just posting a little bit about the pulsing, pounding work going on here at IQ on Quest For Infamy.

Seriously – the team has been cranking out the art and animations for the game like crazy.  It’s insane, really.  We’re also putting all the ducks in a row and getting the programming done for the new Demo V 2.0 – which will be released in December for all the current backers of Quest For Infamy.  It will be released later for the general public.

I’ve attached here some of the promotional shots that we’ve released from Quest For Infamy so far, for anyone who may have missed them.

Sep 06

Marching Towards Infamy!

Well folks, it’s been an amazing Summer for us here at Infamous Quests.

Our Kickstarter Campaign was very succesful, and we’re now marching on – towards Infamy!

This game has been in the works for a while – about a year ago, while racing towards the finish-line with Space Quest 2, I began to put the wheels in motion to get this project started.

I wrote, and I wrote – I made outlines, and got ideas assembled.  I wanted to make sure I had enough stuff to go on, and get a team together to work on this.  I kept plugging at it, a little at a time, while we were running around like a bunch of lunatics, trying to finish up all the details on Space Quest 2.

So when I finally pitched it to Klytos in November, we had a good idea of what we wanted to do.  After talking a short break following SQ2’s launch – we started up Infamous Quests, and the Infamous 7 went to work creating what became the demo.


So, now – we’ve had more talent flock to our banner – and things are progressing really nicely here!  I’ve been on a tear lately, trying to write more and more bits of dialogue, and coming up with more and more puzzles.  I’m excited about the coming months – and I’m excited to show you what we’re up to.

Demo v 2.0 was originally planned to be released during the final week of the Kickstarter – to show the backers that we took some suggestions and implemented them.  However, due to a massive storm in Chucklas’ area, he had no power and was forced to not work on the game, but to sweat his ever-loving face off and occasionally use his iPad to tell us that he was okay, but his freezer had a lot of melted and ruined food.

Now, we’ve decided to take Demo V 2.0 to another level – and add more of the game to it.  What you saw in the demo was part of the game – but there were elements left out – the interiors of more shops in Volksville, and another area of Volksville.  The characters that populate them – and more of the woods that surround the town!  Along with some improved, top-secret game mechanics – we think you’ll find playing the “intro” of the game to be a more satisfying experience.

I do not, as of yet, have the official release date for that – but I can say it will take more time, so it won’t be anytime very very soon.  Probably a couple of months.  But, we’re working on it!

As always, send me your questions, send me your photos of you being Infamous.  Oh, and first person to Cosplay as Roehm gets either a Boxed Copy of the game – if they don’t have one coming, or a small sprite Cameo in the game.  Boo yah.  So, hey, if the mood strikes you at Halloween – let’er rip!


Jul 26

Meet Team Infamy

It’s been an AMAZING campaign!  We’ve reached $50,000!  That is double our original funding, and it’s allowed us to do so much more with not only the game, but with the presentation of it and the interaction with fans.  Now, we’ll be able to get the game translated into other languages and reach a wider audience.  I love how adventure games transcend not only time, but also languages, cultures and countries.

I’m proud to be able to call people from all over the globe friends.  This experience, making games, has brought the world into my living room and has brought me into the world at large.  Some people never get that kind of experience, and for that – I thank all of you for allowing it to happen.

And the team is also comprised of people from all across the globe too!  I want to invite you to watch this video – “Meet Team Infamy” and get to better know the people who are making the game.  These guys are all amazing, creative and talented, and I want you to know who you’re supporting.