The Team

Our team consists of members from all over the globe. From America, the UK to Australia – the sun never sets on the Infamous Empire. The personnel below are either affiliated or have worked on Infamous Quests projects in the past.

Infamous Quests Personnel

Steven Alexander and Shawn Mills
Co Founders and Directors of Infamous Quests

James Broom
Project Management and Systems Adminstrator

Matt Katinas
Executive Producer

Charles Huband
Lead Programming and Scripting

Jeremy Kitchen
Lead Background Artist and Lead Animator

Jenny Pattison
Lead Portrait and Character Artist

Jason Lamb
Background Artist and Animator

Jon Stoll
Background Artist and Animator

Elissa Ng
Background Artist, Animator and SFX Editor

James Mulvale
Lead Composer, Sound Designer and SFX Editor

Ivan Ulyanov
Background Artist and Animator

Daniel Thomas
Background Artist

Arseni Kondratenko
Sprite Animation

Matthew Frith
Sprite Animation