Countdown to More Infamy! T-Minus 3 Days!

Have you seen the movie Ted? You know the thunder buddy song? That’s exactly how we think of bugs! So we’ve spent a lot of time going over the game in the six months since release. We’ve looked at all the bug reports submitted to us, all the posts made on our forums, in the Steam community, on GoG and anything posted in a myriad of other places. We’ve then gone through each and every one of those issues and reports and made changes to the game, making it even more awesome than you already thought it was! While the majority of things fixed were minor (grammar and spelling issues – which as a side-note were generally caused by our non-American writers and programmers forgetting to write in American English) a few larger issues did slip through into the initial release.

qfi-stealthWhat you’ll notice is that some of the most noticeable changes have occurred in two particular scenes. The “Slaver Quest” in Act 2 was problematic in that it had some clipping issues (ie. Roehm would walk behind a wall instead of in front of it) and had a few situations where a guard could die in a bad position that would cause Roehm to not be able to advance past him. As the goal in this portion of the story is to kill the slaver without being seen, we’ve also made some changes so Roehm needs to make sure he’s stealthy and fast. It’s a fun scene and it now plays out the way we intended from the outset.

Another quest with some changes made is the “Moonshiner Quest” also in Act 2. While we are very much against the principle of hand-holding in adventure games (in our view there’s nothing worse than a game just blatantly saying “Hey, go here and do this to advance the story”) we do understand the need to signpost events and in this particular scene we didn’t accomplish this as intended. There were no clues in the initial release the Roehm should hide behind the rock to the south to activate Randy, so we’ve fixed this and now Roehm will walk there once he’s talked with Visa the Hunter and found out the location of the secret path. There’s a few other little changes in here too, but we don’t want to spoil everything.

That’s just two of the changes to the game and a full list of all the changes made will be posted on the Infamous Quests forums on release!