Countdown to More Infamy! Countdown is over!

Did we mention that 1.1 is available now? Go to your digital distribution site of choice and buy it now! If you already own the game, you should be able to patch it straight away from the site you bought it from.

Let’s talk about combat and stats, the centre of the role-playing heart of Quest for Infamy.


We’ve gone through all the places where your character statistics are used and made sure they work as intended. Then we made sure they were as difficult or as easy as we originally intended. For example, to pick the lock on Brattle’s cabin door, you will need a lock picking skill of at least 50. Or to climb the Volksville town gates you’ll need a climbing skill of at least 16. While the majority of these situations were already in the game, we’ve spent a lot of time making sure they’re now consistent throughout.



Some people have complained that combat in Quest for Infamy is way too hard, and others have complained that it’s way too easy. We like that because on a whole that means the difficulty is pretty spot on. But a couple of things slipped through the initial release so we’ve taken the opportunity to make a couple of tweaks, just to make things even better.

With combat itself, here’s how it ties together with the stats. Firstly you have to hit your opponent, that’s where the Weapon % Hit statistic comes into play. The higher this is, the more likely you’re going to hit. Then the amount of damage you do is determined by a super special secret and complicated formula which includes the particular attack skill you used (stab, slash or hack). The higher this attack statistic is, the more damage you’ll do. Then of course weapons, bracers and armor are taken into account before a final number of damage is made.

The main change is the speed at which your stats level. They all now level on a sliding scale of an increase every 4 uses if the stat is below 50. If the stat is between 50 and 80 it will level every 8 uses, and if the stat is above 80 it will level every 12 uses. This keeps with our principle where it’s harder to increase your stats at higher levels but also allows the player to level their character significantly through normal game play (without grinding that is!) Weapon % Hit is a different story whereas it levels below 50 every 5 uses, between 50 and 80 every 10 uses, and above 80 every 15 uses.

The major change is that the combat stats will take into account misses as well as hits, so just fighting in combat is enough to help increase your skills.


So, what do all these changes mean for you when you’re playing your way through Quest for Infamy? All the stats will level properly, the combat stats will level slightly faster, and you’ll need to keep more of an eye on your character’s abilities to perform some actions. So basically, more infamous fun!


  • Gergely Balog

    The “hit levels up on misses” is definitely very welcome! Getting started was simply downright annoying.