New Content! Quest for Infamy Now Even Bigger!

With the release of version 1.1, we’ve added three new areas into the game. When a patch becomes as big as this one, and with so many changes to the game, some large and some minor, it comes to a point where your old save games will no longer work. It’s a quirk of the engine that Quest for Infamy is built in that this happens, but we do feel bad about it. So to make it sweeter for you, we added in three new areas to explore, one for each class, as a way of saying “sorry the patch has broken your saves, but this might make you feel a bit better.”

SPOILER WARNING – We’re not going to describe how to access the new areas in this post, but we are going to show you what they look like, and that in itself might give a couple of things away. You have been warned!

Without saying anything else, here’s the new areas!

newcontent-1 newcontent-2 newcontent-3

With a new area specific to each class, we think you’ll love finding these new areas. It’s like Quest for Infamy but with even more Infamy!