Author Topic: My observations on infamy quest. (spoilers)  (Read 1693 times)


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My observations on infamy quest. (spoilers)
« on: April 29, 2015, 08:38:04 AM »
First, I Am a classic sierra fan to the max, I have played quest for glory all 5 games about 50 times, all kings quest and remakes, gabe knight series, phantasmagoria, and other non sierra similar games, I dont go for the sam or max stuff nor monkey island it annoys me.

I really liked quest for infamy and this surprised me, I  had it for a whle but would would not play it, I thought it would turn out to be a complete farce, and mostly a bunch of new age trash but I  was wrong, you guys actully have good taste, from the refrences I  caught you like the same sttuff I  like.

Sai jonas was the bly shooting game guy. nice touch. and prosperos walter refrence, the box for the eye (locknar) being made out of ''heavy metal'', the name of the centai city, the crow, eric draven, even lupin out there  as well as others out there, smart. dr frank was campy amusing too.  :)

The style was true as well, just what I would want, even the bugs were on par with like qfg3. Perfect interface, the story was realitivly ok, I did not aspect there to be much of a story, again suprised pleasently.

A few issues though, he could not really woo a girl for a part in a end game cut secene, maybe he would not bother given the situation but given that he can give gifts, its a bit misleading, makes you think of shades of qfg 5 without the marraige instead of qfg 3/4 flirting, but no follow up.

Also the infamy dose not really go up with qeustionable solutions, I tried torching the treants instead of giving them the pinecone, it worked but no effect on infamy...then fearing them, which is what I would choose personaly given the game, as a anti-hero of mine would not burn such createres given there nature, more so a wizard...but again no effect, so I just reloaded the cautionary save, and gave them the blasted pinecone as I did on the first play through.

I even tried the smart arse solution of burning them and then trying to drop the pinecone at them but the developers obvious never thought of that, as it did not work, likewise burning then fearing, worked but no infamy effect. (distasteful anyway)

Also I  found that most of the brig like action that should have caused infamy to go up were not allowed, or if they were had no effect on it. Oddly qfg hero actions did. (honor).

Next thing, is the wacky stats could not be maxed, thats qfg tradition and half the fun, maxing them as early on as possible.

I played first as a brig as I first played qfg as warrior, and am half through act one as magic user now, decided to play through all 3 back to back, so your obviouly doing something right with the game. The nawar painting in brigs layer was nice touch btw.

found out if you have 2 maps i think, one from mentor other bought off the crow, it dose not remove the map function at end game, and you for some reason need to press enter in chat instead of clicking a solution is to walk back up to outside the morri compound and talk to the woman, instead of pulling out your magic map.

its a easy mistake to make, you can buy off crow befor mentor gives, more so in brig if your not using the walk through to complete the horse quest, you can very well have been using the map a bit from crow befor the brig leader gives it to you. 2 maps, one taken by game other left in inventory is my quess.

I never use waklthrough on frst playthrough.

As a magic user I find him oddly weaker and less abel at servival and killing than the brig so far.

On the brig I just killed the hunter out right on first encounter, and the others flead never even messed with the women in tyr, it was needed on wizaed so looked for this solution and found it.

on brig you just keep blocking and use power move over and over, with an occasional healing potion you rarely if ever die and half way through can end fights at full health, so simple a child could do it., Even rayford. With a wizard more of a challenge.

IF the aproch your taking is pure, no stats maxed not related to class, then remove them, from class and achive non relivant to, as opposed to hybrid. I reallyu dont want to see them on stat sheet if I cant max.

will finish as wizard and try theif and lety you know.

Also wizard gets flying nimbis, lol...and the cematary oddly reminded me of gabe knight odd but true, I almost exspected to see red marks on the side of a tomb as a joke. The music was pretty I daresay.

Also the morri leader reminded me of goro from from mortal combat, I was exspection a hp lovecraft/clark ashton smith sort of thing, still pretty good.
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