Author Topic: RIP SDCC ? anyone know for sure? san diego comic cons last year ever!?  (Read 1769 times)


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well after seeing and hearing this news my heart sank

just want to know if you all heard about it

SDCC is in its final year of contract, and they dont seem to want to renew it.
I was born in San Diego, so SDCC has been a huge part of my life since childhood.
so far anaheim and LA are bidding for the con to move to them
but is there still hope to keep SDCC in its home of SD??

anyone know or any views or info on this subject ? i can only find that yes the contract is expiring and possibly san diego will not renew it, and 2-3 other cities are looking to bid for it.. but i cant find out why or if SD is going to try to keep it there

lemme knows!

ahh the world in cali when SDCC is no more?!?! nooooo
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