Author Topic: QFI Fans and Forum Regulars!  (Read 1692 times)


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QFI Fans and Forum Regulars!
« on: June 29, 2014, 12:46:21 PM »
Hey guys - we're coming up on the last two weeks before release.

There has been a steady contingent of fans and friends who keep these forums active, and for that - I thank you.

It's funny - the last two years have been the end cap on an amazing ride that started more than a decade ago for some of us - Shawn, Broomie and I in particular have been around since this whole madness started.

Thank you, so much, for all the laughing, joking and interest you've shown for us and for QFI.  I feel like I'm letting out a LONG breath here these days, as things are winding down - but Lambonius and Fizzii have been chugging into over-drive the past few days to make sure things are smooth and working in QFI, so I want to give some props out to them.

So - wow.  It's coming!  Are you ready?  Heh.  We are.  It's time.

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