Author Topic: Has anyone actually received their physical boxed edition of Quest for Infamy?  (Read 33904 times)


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Stay strong BT.

What a dick. Obviously not a true fan then. I've really got into collecting boxsets these days. Had plenty from my childhood already (including some nice sierra ones) but lately I've been buying boxsets of heaps of old games that I treasured in the 90s but didn't have a proper copy of eg just got my hands on an original Micropose Master of Magic boxset with the manual and spell sheets etc.. F*CK YEAH lol! So yes I will treasure my IQ stuff when it arrives although come think of it I think I only ordered the plastic dvd case version instead of the full boxset. Sh*t! Haha oh well!!

Yeah hopefully my post on the kickstarter comments might 'kickstart' a few peoples consciences and take some heat off you guys for a few more months.
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