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Title: Star Wars: What do think of the New Movies?
Post by: Chadly on May 29, 2018, 01:48:09 PM
    HI all,

       So what's everyone's opinion of the New Star Wars Movies?  I Liked the Force Awakens.  I thought Rogue One was bad.  The Last Jedi was a major disappointment for me, as the way Rian Johnson treated Luke. Ok I will say it TLJ just plain Sucked!  I recently saw SOLO and thought it was meh, or ok.  It seems to me that the producers/Disney/Kathleen  Kennnedy are trying to make political/Social statements with these films. For instance, I watched an interview with Don Glover, who played Lando in Solo. He stated that Lando was a Pansexual. I actually had to look up the definition.  Weird is all I can say. 

      When i watched for Instance the Phantom Menace I was super excited after waiting 20 years for a new movie.  I liked it, but was a bit disappointed.  This also was the case with the Last Jedi.  I thought to myself this is going to as great AS Empire Strikes Back. It wasn't :-[ :P  I guess I set my expectations too High.  So for episode IX, the last Star Wars i will keep an open mind, but given that the director is J.J. Abrams I expect a remake of Return of the Jedi.           Whats your take?

Title: Re: Star Wars: What do think of the New Movies?
Post by: Kaldire on May 29, 2018, 06:05:32 PM
well I really didnt wannnt to post about this

1. Rogue One

7/10 from me, as they kept the story real, and for disney, a suicide mission brings back old disney movies for me
(go watch the original petes dragon) its sick! the songs are soo morbid.
go watch black cauldron etc.

Rogue one was NOT fantastic but is so far the best of the "newer" sect of SW.

2. Last jedi

I wish these movies stopped really  now esp that SOLO and others are out and coming, UGHHHH over-saturation !
the movie was terrible the acting more so (only thing worse was haden)
nothing makes sense, its just rehashing the originals replacing actors as their mentors
ok so luke is now obi won? this is .. zzzz

watch cinemasins on these

3. Force awakens
oddly I liked the first .. oh ten minutes of the movie, zzz on the rest.

I plan on never seeing another star wars, and i get a little sick seeing commercials for them
this makes me WANT pod racing back
hell bring back jarjar, at this point, anything is better than this anything..

ill sell my soul if someone loses another arm or hand also. just fyi.

(sorry I loved pod racing) thats about all I liked but,  isnt it creepy nat portman is hitting on a kid? ooo
and no one is giving knight her fair due as the queens double? sheeeiiit

give up on star wars pleassee
unless guillermo del toro makes one with quentin tarantino

imagine that !
creepy kinda story telling, and real battles that matter, unlike ANY jedi and ROBOT fight that always nets in the loss of 1000000 robots and zero jedi. until SOMEHOW all the jedi are wiped out by standard soliders which im still in wtf is that about shock

ughh my head.

no more pi nooo more  PSI PSI PSI
Title: Re: Star Wars: What do think of the New Movies?
Post by: Kaldire on May 29, 2018, 06:11:48 PM
Side note


thats when you like half man half goat animals that play flutes right?


In reality this means nothing, truly we dont use this word.
it means he is down for creatures, aliens, male female or both as aliens go some are neither and some both. etc
its specific TO ALIENS. not just human. remember .. tons of races out there tons of species
guessing lando would be like "Ford" in hitch-hikers guide

just a heads up there.

Title: Re: Star Wars: What do think of the New Movies?
Post by: MusicallyInspired on May 29, 2018, 06:16:19 PM
Force Awakens was pretty good. It was a rehash, but it got me excited about Star Wars again.

Rogue One was fair. Most of the story was "meh" to me, but the final 30 minutes were totally worth it.

The Last Jedi......I came out of it initially genuinely torn. I decided that I liked it because it changed everything and we have no way of expecting what's coming next. Mystery in Star Wars again! Been ages since we had that. However, as time went on the film really soured for me. Luke didn't get a big comeback, he didn't use his green saber, he wasn't even THERE for a duel at all, he never got a scene with Han, then he died at the end which was completely nonsensical. Don't even get me started on Canto Bight. That was a travesty that I hated from the beginning, I was just willing to overlook it. I began to realize that I liked very little of the film and the opening up of limitless possibilities by changing expectations came at too high a cost to the Star Wars experience. For me. And now Carrie has passed and we'll never see the whole gang back together at all. They blew their chance at that. So I'm not a fan of this movie at all. I like some of the developments like Snoke and Rey being nobody, and the throne room duel was pretty great.

Solo. I'm not even going to see it in theatres.
Title: Re: Star Wars: What do think of the New Movies?
Post by: Kaldire on May 29, 2018, 07:48:33 PM
Well force awakens had so many references it was there only to rehash and reform the REAL 1st star wars
which had terrible acting and set design. but meh

force awakens.. shudder, just was like, all the lord of the rings or hobbit part 1
its there to lead to part 2, thats it.

Rogue one  stayed TRUE to the books and the GAME. thats hard for disney.. very.
but tons was cut out, and all the side characters should have had some extra back story or why do we care if they die.
we know they do.. thats what leads to movie 1.

BTW, when obi is teaching luke in the originals, he is NOT alive,
same as luke isnt alive on that island, hence the map.. why have a map to someone who wants to NOT be found.
(you can see his grave also in the movie check again)

so when he tossed the saber i went WTF, just hand it back dont.. ughh

and when he finally just vanishes, he wasnt really there or where he projected himself to be.
think of the end of the movies where the hologram death of darth and obi and yoda are all just sitting around smiling.
was yoda really ever alive,.. this is a projected no for the originals, he died long before luke met him :)

when ford said to continue the movies would be tragic, but ok ill do one but I wont be doing a 2nd, thats temple of doom right there for this 3 sect.

the reason I liked rogue one is, it stood on its own. no need to even call it star wars really. just .. rogue one.

also if you DONT know whats going to happen next, just read your posts, and watch the 3rd original movie,
replace actors accordingly.
and tada.

all the kids will band together, making the new crew, and wow this is getting soooooo zzzzz

but then who is the bad guy right? ugh.
was darth vader ever bad.. yep he killed tons of kids, as haden even ick
but the lord jesus put the baby in his mom? ooo right cause some unknown darth so and so had the ability to manipulate the midi chlorions ... da hell this is the mary and jesus think..
darn you lucas.. for making this a BIBLE movie mixed with ww2 hewbrew back drop

I dont recommend anyone watching ANY star wars movies. ever.
old ones are revamped, with cgi, ick, and the classic ones, kids wont ever watch as its "cheesy"

last starfighter anyone?
cause that movie is coming soon :)
Title: Re: Star Wars: What do think of the New Movies?
Post by: MusicallyInspired on May 29, 2018, 10:05:07 PM

That's some messed up bizarre fan theory you've got going on there. Geez.
Title: Re: Star Wars: What do think of the New Movies?
Post by: Kaldire on May 29, 2018, 10:39:18 PM
which part matey :)

About obi and luke not even being alive?

the map, was for his tomb. yaya.

as for the original, when obi is facing vader, he just falls into the aether. he was never fighting vader on this plane
hell thats in the books too :)

so a bitter spirit version of luke, sits on his tomb, pondering his failures until he can transcend them. ergo he botched up with hans son.. kyloo nooooo

same with obi and vadar nnoooo

sense a pattern?

yoda also, in the original movies CARES SO MUCH for the jedi, saying never let them die never let their spirit die etc
then all of a sudden he is helping burn the books (letting luke let go of his failure and the past by stating there are no JEDI never were) waahhh


its some terrible writing to be sure
Title: Re: Star Wars: What do think of the New Movies?
Post by: Kaldire on May 29, 2018, 10:44:54 PM
"speaking to the BBC for the recent J.J. Abrams-hosted Oscar Wilde Awards,
Hamill joked that his take on Luke's fate leaves him very much alive ... and naked.

”I refuse to believe that he's gone,” Hamill said. “My theory is he just teleported to somewhere else and left his robe behind. He teleported to a nudist colony, that's what I'm hoping.”"

"Force Ghost" 
is used ALOT in book forms, and no not the hologram looking ones at the end of the movies :)

ooo nudist colony.. daaaamn mark rocks, I want to see that planet hehe
stay tuned for Star wars XXX aka 30, nudist colony 535

also please do note,
this is a biblical representation put on by lucas. PERIOD :)
light dark
good evil
father son spirits etc.  force
even hand cut offs are in the bible for sacrifce

"And if thy right hand offend thee, cut it off, and. cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee."
matthew 5 30

Luke loses his right hand. When Luke encounters Darth Vader in Cloud City, he is in no way prepared for the duel. Luke does manage to put up a fight, but Vader has no trouble chopping off Luke's right hand

removal of sin of the father? son? etc

even VADAR lost his RIGHT hand... not left noooot left

that Vader lost his right hand as a result of the Emperor's anger over losing the first Death Star.

after working with many at LA I know far to much on the real front of SW. ugh my head swells

Title: Re: Star Wars: What do think of the New Movies?
Post by: Goatmeal on May 29, 2018, 11:29:52 PM
• Force Awakens was fine for being a retelling of Star Wars ("A New Hope," for those born after 1977).

• Rogue One was a serviceable "war" movie, but the best parts were the space portions of the "Battle of Scarif" -- see the 8½-minute HD supercut that removes the other extraneous ~124 minutes: (

(To those outside of the US -- Sorry that YouTube won't let you see it, but take my word for it: it's _really_ cool...)

• For Last Jedi, the problem for me was one of the internal logic of the established Star Wars universe being ignored.  Forget about a blown-up Leia using the Force to fly in outer space, forget that 'tracking through Hyperspace' is now a thing; my problem is this:

1. The Rebels are almost out of fuel and can only jump to hyperspace one more time (regardless of the fact they can now be tracked).
2. The Rebels are trying to outrun the First Order (and Snoke's mega-warship) by flying through normal space.
3. The First Order is perfectly content to wait for hours... and HOURS... AND HOURS... until they eventually catch up and overtake the slightly-slower Rebel command ship.

The point of hyperspace is that it is a shortcut through normal space.  Why didn't Snoke's mega-warship or any of the First Order ships simply make 2 mini-hyperspace jumps to 'leapfrog' past the Rebel ship and cut them off?  One jump in ANY OTHER DIRECTION other than straight ahead (space is, like, 3D, you know, so let's not have an unintended "Holdo Maneuver" occur here), with the second jump positioning them right in front of the Rebel ship.  Why wait for the Rebels to run out of fuel or eventually be overtaken?

(I know, I know, the movie would be over in 20 minutes...)

Much like TFA = ANH mentioned above, TLJ has similar themes to The Empire Strikes Back: Rebels pursued by Evil Overlords after destroying their superweapon in previous movie; a Jedi-in-training; the beaten Rebels left in a dire cliffhanger...

Sadly, unlike TESB, the most disappointing aspect about TLJ for me was that by movie's end, it left me apathetic, not eager, for a resolution to the storyline: I have absolutely zero interest in finding out what happens next for Rey or Kylo in SW9, or seeing any of that storyline continue further.

If TLJ was the last SW movie ever (which we know it won't be), I would be perfectly fine with that...

• Will probably wait until Solo comes out on DVD to see it.

Title: Re: Star Wars: What do think of the New Movies?
Post by: Blackthorne on May 31, 2018, 09:26:14 AM
I really liked The Force Awakens.  It was a fun sci-fi flick.  Great climax and denoument.  Rogue One was amazing.  A war movie set in the Star Wars Universe. The Last Jedi was amazing - a real commentary about aging, failure, loss and redemption.  I think many people had a problem with that film because it makes them confront less than savory aspects of aging and personal failure.  Hero worship, hero cults and the notion of heroism is challenged as you age - and your failures can over-take you.  The contrast of youth and aging in this film hit me hard.  I understand much these days about getting older, losing your optimism, spirit and faith in things.  It definitely turned the Star Wars universe and cult worship on its head, and I like that.  It challenged me and my notions and I think we need more creative arts like that.  Too often we have art and entertainment that merely confirms our own notions and bias.

Haven't seen Solo yet, but I intend to.  Don't care who or what Lando is into, because he's awesome. 

Title: Re: Star Wars: What do think of the New Movies?
Post by: Kaldire on May 31, 2018, 04:21:47 PM
no reason to dislike lando for being pan
i mean play dnd games and hell even the witcher
tons of characters dont mind who or what ye are :) they will bed a demon!

im shocked you liked all these movies bt!
interesting views. I cant concur with but interesting.

I am jaded as I can only see remakes of the originals inside the newer films
new death star kills planets that we dont care about, or know about, yet it has the same weakness as the original death star x 99, oh just shoot this. pentagon thing and bye bye planet
and its bigger .. ooo

shrug, sorry again I dislike all the new star wars and im really disliking the originals these days also :(
Title: Re: Star Wars: What do think of the New Movies?
Post by: Blackthorne on May 31, 2018, 05:55:35 PM
I'm also 40 now. I give way less of a fuck about how seriously I take Star Wars than when I was a teen, that's for sure.  For me, it's entertainment and I'm willing to suspend my disbelief for a lot.  I think a problem inherent in the Star Wars fandom is that with the size of it growing so much over 40 years, most people got MORE serious about it rather than less.  People get way pedantic about it now, and that's just the opposite of fun.

Title: Re: Star Wars: What do think of the New Movies?
Post by: Kaldire on May 31, 2018, 07:19:49 PM
I concur about age,
however im a lil older than ye!


I think its just over saturation period.
im about done with comic movies too. and I loved em... at first..
ok well not daredevil and electra or any dc movie  at all..
but meh

sad hellboy 3 never was made but i loved the shape of water!

anyway for me its not just about fun, depending on the movie.
sure deadpool should be fun,
schindlers list should not be a FUN movie...etc
star wars is trying to BE serious..which takes the fun out of it. IMO
esp when its just rehasing the old movies for teens in truth who will never grasp the stuff you mentioned :P

im no die hard fan, never was. ever. not even as a kid did i sit and go AWWW NICE!
they were FUN movies, originally.
kinda like indy in SPACE (oh thats a spinoff i dont want to happen..dun dun dun)

Title: Re: Star Wars: What do think of the New Movies?
Post by: Chadly on June 01, 2018, 03:01:13 AM
   AWESOME SAUCE FOLKS, I have reinvigorated our forums!, FUCK ME RUNNING YAY!  SW, iS back folks, NEXT UP STAR TREK DEBATES!  wHO IS UP FOR IT? i'M GAME..........................CHADLY.  come get some. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..............................
Title: Re: Star Wars: What do think of the New Movies?
Post by: Chadly on June 01, 2018, 03:04:11 AM
Lets, get Klytos out of retirement, Broomie, Lamb, etc.  We are getting the band back together.....We are on a MISSION FROM GAWD>>>>>>>>
Title: Re: Star Wars: What do think of the New Movies?
Post by: caldric on June 01, 2018, 11:04:53 AM
I definitely like Rogue One the best. Its characters and story are, for me, easily the most compelling among all of the new stuff. I wonder if part of the reason why I liked it so much is that there wasn't a mythology distraction. Typically I love mythology in TV and movies, but it can get in the way of the storytelling. With Rogue One it was just a straight up story with characters I cared about. I loved it.

I enjoy all the new movies (though I haven't seen Solo). I went in to them without much expectation, because I saw how different the prequels were than the originals, so I went in planning to take them as they were. And I thought they were good! Not without their flaws, of course (and Canto Bight was a big flaw), but I'll take them even with their flaws. The thing about Star Wars overall is that it's thematic; it's not sci-fi, it's space fantasy, and I enjoy it that way, just like I enjoyed all the big dumb fantasy movies in the 80's.
Title: Re: Star Wars: What do think of the New Movies?
Post by: MusicallyInspired on June 07, 2018, 12:13:48 AM
Can't say I'll miss her if this is true (
Title: Re: Star Wars: What do think of the New Movies?
Post by: Blackthorne on June 07, 2018, 08:11:59 AM
She gets a lot of undue flak in this whole thing.  She's a legend in the film industry, having co-founded Amblin fucking Entertainment with Steven Spielburg and Frank Marshall.  She's been involved with countless productions of amazing films.  People love to heap shit on people, and she's getting a ton of it.

Business-wise, I can see how some suits would be upset at Solo - although a good movie, the price tag was WAAAAAAY above board for a non Saga Star Wars movie and the advertising campaign was pretty piss poor.  But thematically, Kennedy isn't to blame for people's little bitches about Star Wars as of late.

Title: Re: Star Wars: What do think of the New Movies?
Post by: MusicallyInspired on June 07, 2018, 02:51:43 PM
I'm not convinced of any of that. Sure, she has exec producer credits on tons of fan favourites, but wasn't she basically Spielburg's secretary and he just threw her credits?

Regardless, it's not the point. She has horribly mismanaged Star Wars and is responsible (whether directly or indirectly) for both dividing the fanbase like it's never been divided before and for the first Star Wars flop in history. And it was a monumental flop. She is not right for Star Wars. Whether she made mistakes, was malicious to fans, or just doesn't understand Star Wars, she's not right for the job. I don't care what movies she's worked on. When I first heard she was taking over LucasFilm I didn't have any reason to be against it. I was like "Ok, let's see what she brings to the table! I'm just glad George is gone!". Now her actions speak for themselves as far as I'm concerned.