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yea they have removed all tickets

and wont even escalate them to uppers to check it out

ive seen some with the achievements some without
but if you look where BT posted yet another few users also posted they dont work
and we all know its steam

steam is ignoring this and there is no contact number
someone made a thread on a non steam forum so it couldnt be modded to get digi signatures to class action suit them to just FIX the issue thats all we want.. no refunds just look at the issue

so you cant fix it on your end?
and we cant as users get steam to even hear us as they just remove posts and erase tickets (which is actually illegal on a minor level)
and you have no way as a dev to send them a message saying exactly what you just posted to me?
that it IS them and they should look into it?
just being a dev and posting a message or your own ticket might do the trick
really dont want to have to go to a court with people and sue them over this just so they look into it, and now im sounding insane I know

but to hear that yes its them, from the devs at now 19 companies  and valve taking no accountability is just.. sick..
people are resorting to cheating! thats just well
not ok but what else CAN we do

ive not used SAM yet and dont plan on it, but many thousands of users are using it.. which is .. baaaaaaaad

please if you can fix the game, at least this one and if not, please, send someone at valve a message with the post you just sent in reply
valve is still telling users to contact devs as its on their end and they dont have the source code and blah blah

which is all junk,
they just need to look at their system and find what is wrong..

help fellow awesome people
make an email, phone call, open a ticket, .. something?
court will be a long drawn out process and most arent asking for anything BUT the fix or even for them to just assess why its not working for most and is for others!

seems valve is not taking this seriously

they have erased all my tickets in regards to steam not awarding achievements in many games,
each dev says the same thing that BT did, its steams api

valve is now looking a a minor class action suit, I have now 8k digital signatures for refunds on games OR they need to escalate this to have someone at valve look at it

I know this seems drastic, but its insane to tell users to contact each dev, instead of taking on the responsibility themselves to look into it..

hope there is a way you awesome cats can get in touch with them and fix this issue,
many users are resorting to hacks  aka SAM , steam achievement manager  to cheat and get the achievements they should have had..
valve seems not to care

2 blatant violations of their own TOS


hope something works out and again its not just QFI, i have a list now of 200+ games from myself and other users that achievements dont work with.



So in the game, I have most of the achievements, (by pressing A as bt said)
in steam still zero

notta one...

tried removing the dat files and getting them(the achievements) all over again as mage vs thief (on my 2nd play) seems steam has their own tracking files that never erase.. even with cloud sync disabled.

I was able to get my cards working! just not the timer/clock( I have about 9 hours played now but says less than 1hr) with help of valve threads in steam,
but still no achievements :(

just a minor update GOT MY CARDS whoop working on a full set now

its only been a few days since posting here but any update on the steam front ?
btw I still havent laughed this hard or enjoyed a game so much in a Looonnng time!
ty again for it!!


Hey Kal - yeah, sometimes the game's communication with the Steam API doesn't function right, and it won't trigger the achievement.  We're looking into it.


Ok yea it seems this is for sure a valve issue
i found this when asking about it in a chat in steam someone linked this
saying what you are kinda saying only that valve is to blame and they are the ones needing to fix it on their end vs every dev doing it
dont get me wrong if you can help fix your game here first awesome, but in the end I hope you truly can push the message to valve to fix all games for users !
ty for your time!

below is a playfire STAFF MEMBER post

    broadfoot88  posted 1 month ago   *UPDATE*
A wee bit of news for you, we've been in touch with valve and together we've formulated a fix for achievements not tracking. This has now been put in place and we are hopeful that this will get things going again. It might take a short while for your accounts to update and you may need to run the affected games again.
We are aware that there is a problem, affecting a small number of users, with Playfire's ability to track Steam achievements.
This is due to an internal server error with Steam's API which means that our systems are unable to track specific game achievement data.
Unfortunately this means that for the time being we are going to have to wait and be patient while Valve resolve this issue. At this time we don't know how long it will be down for but we will update you when we know more.
If this is impacting your ability to earn Playfire Rewards please contact Customer Services.

could this be the same issue most of the games are having with steam?
and if so could you maybe help by informing steam its not just your game that has this horrible issue!!

id appreciate it

and ty for the reply, not sure though why some people can get the achievements and others cant..
kinda curious.. is it something im doing wrong on my end or just luck of the draw type o thing

ty again for the reply and hope steam gets sorted as many of the games are this way of late, seems steam is getting unstable somehow in its later years..
never had problems like this before about year ago

hope an update and steam ball kickin gets done, love the game regardless of achievements or cards!
seriously tearing up in laughter sometimes

Yea its .. well
I dont THINK its the games causing this per-say
Since I now have 30 games recently bought on steam where achievements dont work,
mainly the work around is to never leave a game to get them
so for Risen 2, killing 2000 monsters has to be done in 1 play without quitting the game, which would take about 30-40 hours of straight play

knights of pen and paper +1 .. has the same issue
only work around is to never quit the game,

but in the case of this game, well, its odd
1. im not sure how or why steam keeps putting the files I listed back,
and no matter what i do the savegames are still there and the stats and achievements.bins and the appmanifest always reappear !
so in the game my fast way to test if its working is to run to the right at the start and knock the apple guy over for the apple achievement, and in the game now, I can get it to pop BACK UP in the game, but steam still doesnt register that nor the cards.. nor the playtime.. says 2 min play (i have about 2 hours in the game now)

if I uninstall the game and reinstall, the in game achievements DONT POPUP if they already were obtained at any point or any save or any install of the game,
when i remove the files manually (not the saves but the bin's  then the in game achievements popup again, but NOT steams achievements

also the game runs in a window, and when i run the config in the app folder, it always errors saying this program didnt install correctly REINSTALL? or just ignore!? etc

but I tried not editing the game options and running it in a window, and as admin and in compat for xp sp3 mode and still nothing makes the achievements work,
I even tried running steam as admin, and not having steam loaded, and running the exe from the games directory itself to launch the bootstrap of steam..
didnt work

also I tried disabling cloud and overlay, also didnt work,


this game is so wicked fun, but id really like my cards and achievements!!
and you can see not many can obtain the achievements if you look at GLOBAL ACHIEVEMENTS and see that .1-.2% only of the people playing obtained simple ones like talking to everyone before execution or the simple apple or peeing one etc

if you do find that its steam doing this, pleeeeease get valve to fix this so that all our games work!
seems its not just this game
but I have faith in you guys finding out whats wrong, so lets hope !

let me know so I can let others know!
ty for your time
PS: I even tried erasing all steam games, and reinstalling steam,  didnt work either for any of the games in my list of non working card/achievements  :'(

seems im not the only one

another named tiger said the same thing

also I have an update on the fact that it seems steam stores saves and files no matter what I do when I reinstall the saves are still there and the 3 odd files ill list below,
please help and fix these achievements or let us know how to make it work!

below is my new post in the above thread on steam
so far ive gotten 9 in game, but they didnt give me them out of the game in steam
whats worse is , when i started a new game, they dont register anymore IN GAME either, as the game has 3 files that hold stats and achievements which seem to keep coming up even after a fresh install and new gameso now i cant even get the in game to trigger.[/size][/font]
can u send an email and or post on the dev site (infamy quest studios) not pheonix studios (pheonix is the publisher)[/size][/font]
a dev (I believe its steven is on steam) but I bet the more people to contact them about this the more likely it will get attention and fixed,[/size][/font]
this is now my 32nd game that achievements dont work in.. kinda making me think its steam not the games, since so many have this issue.[/size][/font]
but how can i start this game fresh with no stats or achievements , the files are in that game folder and if you search the pc u can find them and erase them but steam just puts them right back!name of the game is listed on the shortcut,[/size][/font]
its steam://rungameid/264560so if you look under c: for *264560*.* you will see a few files in appcache not common/steamapps where the game is the files are UserGameStats_10296623_264560.bin[/size][/font]
and after new install and removing these they pop back upas well as this oneappmanifest_264560.acf
help??why do so many steam achievements not work, hell even the time played doesnt register and cards arent being given!elp?tried compat mode and run steam as admin and run game files from dir of the install as admin, nothing works!


Quest for Infamy / Re: Issue with Steam overlay + inventory
« on: July 12, 2014, 07:04:49 PM »
is there an issue with steam cards and achievements ?

ive made my own thread about it but seems it might be related to this..

I dont get anything for achievements and now after uninstall and reinstalling, they dont trigger in the game as if steam kept the files in steamapps even after uninstall..(saves were removed though)


I got the steam version of this game,

went through got the sir chat alot achievement in game, but didnt register in steam,
got the all for an apple, didnt register, in steam, but did in the game,

tried uninstalling , running as admin, compat modes

steam is seeing my playtime as 1 min, no more,
and I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and now the in game popups for all for an apple testing dont work anymore, and no achievements or cards are working !

I tried one post here and it didnt post!
hope this one works!
im at a loss here as why they dont work but looking at steam seems only .2% have the all for an apple which is all to easy to get, makes me think there is an issue with the game and steam

please let me know if there is a work around or if this is a known issue
My mate on steam had the beta ver upgraded to standard and his achievements work!

also I cant find the folder in steam that saves the profiles in steamapps as reinstalling seems to keep the achievement in game triggers from happening again..
ive tested tipping the apple guy over 4 times now, and only 1 time did i get the in game popup saying all for an apple, but nothing in steam, and all other 3 times it says nothing now..


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