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Banter and Chit-Chat! / Hero U
« on: July 15, 2018, 05:32:48 PM »
Hey all.

     The Coles, who designed the Quest for Glory series have a new game out called Hero U:Rogue to Redemption.  It is in my opionion succesor to Quest for Glory. It's fantastic. You can get it for 30 dollars from Steam or  If you like Role playing games/adventure give this one a try.  You won't be disappointed. Chadly

Banter and Chit-Chat! / Save Steve Campaign
« on: July 12, 2018, 04:16:43 PM »
Hi everyone.  Hey for those who still hang out at this site, please consider a donation to the Creator of QFI Steve Alexander at  Steve and his family have some rough times ahead, so please consider a 10,20 dollar donation. Do it for Steve (aka Blackthorne), do it for Steve's Kids.... :)  Thanks,


Hey guys, in the header i've indicated my point.  Sometimes we all fall from grace and act like teenagers. (like right now)  I myself enjoy a vigorous (ms) and lively debate.  I like all folks have come upon some hard times, persoanally and professionally. Now, nowhere near as the creators of this site (BT i am praying for you and yours, and im sadly not a very God Fearing man, alto i should be according to my Mom.)  I miss the comeraderie if you will of those who once debated here.  As a supporter of Infamous Quests, and the like i"m sad that few folks talk if you will here.  Has Social Media destroyed a great thing? I say yes.  Fuckbook and Twitter have there place, but man we used to have some great debates here.....ans elsewhere i Guess.... Let's get it started again.....Its getting hot in here....SO.......    Chadly

Banter and Chit-Chat! / Star Wars: What do think of the New Movies?
« on: May 29, 2018, 01:48:09 PM »
    HI all,

       So what's everyone's opinion of the New Star Wars Movies?  I Liked the Force Awakens.  I thought Rogue One was bad.  The Last Jedi was a major disappointment for me, as the way Rian Johnson treated Luke. Ok I will say it TLJ just plain Sucked!  I recently saw SOLO and thought it was meh, or ok.  It seems to me that the producers/Disney/Kathleen  Kennnedy are trying to make political/Social statements with these films. For instance, I watched an interview with Don Glover, who played Lando in Solo. He stated that Lando was a Pansexual. I actually had to look up the definition.  Weird is all I can say. 

      When i watched for Instance the Phantom Menace I was super excited after waiting 20 years for a new movie.  I liked it, but was a bit disappointed.  This also was the case with the Last Jedi.  I thought to myself this is going to as great AS Empire Strikes Back. It wasn't :-[ :P  I guess I set my expectations too High.  So for episode IX, the last Star Wars i will keep an open mind, but given that the director is J.J. Abrams I expect a remake of Return of the Jedi.           Whats your take?


Banter and Chit-Chat! / Happy Memorial Day
« on: May 28, 2018, 01:30:16 PM »
   Hi.  Happy Memorial Day here in the U.S.A. :)  Let's all take a moment to remember and thank our Vets, and all who serve this country tirelessly in the defence of freedom.  Remember those who gave all to their country.


Banter and Chit-Chat! / Kickstarters that I'm patiently waiting for.
« on: April 15, 2018, 08:30:56 PM »
Hi.  If any who post here still follow or support Kickstarter, here a couple i am waiting for.  Spaceventure by Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe. Basically Space Quest with out being called Space Quest.  6 Years and counting for this one sadly.  Hero U by Lori and Corey Cole, Quest for Glory without being Quest for Glory. 5 years, but near complete.  Star Citizen by Chris Roberts, of Wing Commander fame.  Hell this one has raised millions of dollars more than any other Kickstarter and still isn't on Beta yet.  Don't know what to think about that one, looks impressive tho.  Any thoughts on above Kickstarters or Kickstarter in General????  Chadly.

Banter and Chit-Chat! / Star Trek Discovery
« on: April 15, 2018, 08:23:17 PM »
Hi fellow Trekkers.  Hey I got around to watching all of season one of Discovery.  Have to say I like it.  It's interesting and fun IMO.  It breaks some new ground for Trek with the F bomb used a couple times and Trek's first openly gay couple.  If you want to check it out go to where you can get a 1 month free trial, after that it's like 6.99 a month, but you have ALL of CBS's programming to watch at your leisure.  The show itself is set 10 years before the original series and features Spock's adoptive sister Michael Burnham, who manages to set off a war with the Klingons.  Check it out.   Chadly.

Banter and Chit-Chat! / Health food Sucks/
« on: April 13, 2018, 02:59:42 PM »
Hi.  Has anyone else noticed in the news that the food we enjoy is bad for you health wise?  I just read a report on 30 foods you should'nt eat after 30 Years of age.  Some included were Soda, bacon, beer, red meat, hamburger, ice cream and others.  Hell if it tastes good you can't eat it!  Myself i'm a fairly healthly guy at nearly 40.  I am not an herbivore, am not a vegan, I like to eat meat.  PETA for me stand for People Eating Tastey Animals.  Now im not against vegans but as far as i ever went was to quit eating red meat for a year.  I lost weight and felt better, however at the end of my fast, I ate A Massive Steak cooked medium rare, it was Yummy.  Chadly

Hi all.  As the topic header suggests, have you guys ever thought about making a "Stranger Things" game in AGS style as you have done with QFI?  If memory serves you guys did make a one room demo.  Just a thought, as you could KickStart for funding, or some other crowd sourcing????    Chadly.

Banter and Chit-Chat! / " A recollection of times past".
« on: March 25, 2018, 02:16:43 AM »
  Hi. This is ol'Chadly. As stated in the topic heading, I am remembering old times, (not good for the most part). 25 years ago when I was 15 I got drunk, happy go lucky drunk, fun if you will.  I was at a cousin's wedding and my dad gave me the first beer. (ok, maybe that does not make him the man of the year, however it was very cool for me a dip-ship teenager who had NO IDEA where this would lead.  After this celebration I continued school and maintained a 4.0 grade average. But hell I liked the buzz of the beer and later other natural remedies, that one could find at 15....and later.  I was gifted to go to college, however that was one GIANT indulgence in liquid and homeopathic medicine if you catch my drift.   So Yeah for roughly 20 years, I worked, I drank, and did more pharms then Keith Richards.  I Lost everthing, (my job, my wife, my step-daughter, my unborn child, cause my wife that time was addicted to heroin.)  I know this sounds depressing, but after 3 years clean and relatively sober, yes I still have a beer now and then. (gulp)  At 40, which i will be here very soon, it has Sadly taken me this much time to truly listen what my dad told me 30 years ago.  The games Infamous Quests makes, remind me of being a young man, enjoying every moment, and waiting for the next one game to be made.   Please forgive a supporter of you guys, as I know this is depressing. However given the Challenges both physical, mentally, and economically You have reached a collection of people who will always support you, years after Q.F.I., Roehm to Ruin, Fortress of Fire, have past into history.           Thank you Blackthorne, Klytos, and everyone else who made a very cool dream come Light!  Chadly;}

Banter and Chit-Chat! / Hi Merry Christmas
« on: December 25, 2017, 08:27:16 AM »
 Hi everyone. I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! :)


« on: November 23, 2017, 11:37:20 AM »
HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all those here in the U.S.A.  And to everyone else in the world have a safe and thankful day! :) :) :)


  Has anyone seen the new Star trek Discovery series yet?  I have and I Like it.  Thoughts?????

                                                                                             Chadly :D

Banter and Chit-Chat! / Where are all the Infamous?
« on: February 06, 2017, 12:07:22 AM »
Hi all. I am wondering where are all the creators of thus Web site?  All you all on vacation or have disbanded? Shit people some of still care about you and the adventures you create.

IQ Chat / What's the status of Roehm to Ruin?
« on: January 31, 2017, 09:24:43 PM »
  Hi, I was wondering about the status of Roehm to Ruin and Fortress of Fire?  Us backers are curious. And I not inquirering about any frigging rewards which will be sent out in time. Thanks, Chadly. :)

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