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I have written a walkthrough for Heroine's Quest here:

This is very spoiler heavy, so we recommend you try to play the game without it first.

I'm not sure there's a place for me to actually view downloads. Apparently over 6000 people have run the game since going on Steam, and we had 300 odd people playing it at a single time, that I know of.

I saw that just before, thanks :) The game just got onto Steam, so that helped with the exposure there. I find it a little funny how some people get so hung up on how a protagonist should look (that is, some people want different hair colours and full customization, but it's not actually a simple coding trick like they seem to think it is). Always someone wanting more :P

The Steam page is here:

It has a bunch of achievements, so enjoy :).

(Turns out Steam has disallowed trading cards because the game is free).

There is a mediafire link through here:

We can't host files on as it doesn't have the bandwidth and is kindly given to us by someone else. If someone wants to put v1.1 onto a mirror site, they're more than welcome to, but we don't have the hosting ourselves to do it.

Version 1.1 is now available at


When Heroine's Quest was released in December, it received many positive reactions. As our game was played by many more people than our internal testing team, some issues came to light. We have worked on fixing these, and as the result, version 1.1 of Heroine's Quest is now available. We hope you enjoy this update, and thank you all for your interest and support!

Unfortunately, saved games from v1.0 cannot be used in v1.1, although your completion records can be copied. You'll have to decide whether to complete your game on v1.0 or start from the beginning in v1.1 (or complete your current class in v1.0 and try a different class in v1.1). However, we recommend that you restart if you've made it to Svartalfheim without reclaiming your items from the thieves, or if you've failed too many of the vouches in Munarvagir as a sorceress. These situations may lead to a dead end in v1.0, but they can no longer occur in v1.1. If you have further questions, please ask.

Changes to gameplay (highlight to read):
The control panel now has a button to redefine the keys used for combat.
The game now includes a setup utility that can be used to select window size and toggle fullscreen mode.
Regin will now give Gram only to a warrior heroine, not to a rogue. However, the sorceress can buy daggers now.
You can no longer enter the thieves' lodge by just entering the house and using the sword; that was never the intended solution.
You can no longer advance to Svartalfheim before dealing with the thieves' lodge, because later events assume that you've done this.
Liff will now pay you for extra pieces of willow bark, and Sigrun will pay for varg hides. However, stealing an item and then selling it back to the same character will no longer work.
Brynhild's and Skrymir's dialog about honor has been changed to clarify that bragging or telling tall tales is not considered dishonorable to a viking.
Use the hotkey 'N' to view the notepad, if you're carrying it.
Hints have been added to several puzzles that people indicated having trouble with.
We've done some rebalancing of the training rates of certain skills, as well as the amount of food and money present in the game.
To prevent dead end situations, certain items cannot be placed in a chest or otherwise abandoned, and certain locations cannot be entered while you're missing crucial items. For the same reason, if you lose Regin's chest you can now retrieve it. Conversely, you can no longer use the figurine to teleport out of certain plot events.
And fixes for every bug reported in this forum, including but not limited to the crystal lock glitch, the rogue's final battle without poison, the game hanging when asking Lithrasir for a drink, Lithrasir not following you to the holt, Aurvandel leaving while you're using the telescope, the crash if you throw too many daggers in the same room, giving the chest to Regin if you already have the quest reward, Sigyn leaving the room too fast, the sorceress not getting points for the mirror image, the 'cheater' death message in the lodge, characters being hidden if you skip visiting the jarl, and Heronus disappearing.

Made cross-class skills more useful (highlight to read)::
Animal Ken: can be used to calm dogs and cats when sneaking around.
Herbalism: increased chance of getting two potions from alchemy, and you now get a scroll that lists all ingredients, and you can steal some of these from other alchemists if needed.
Stealth: increased chance of avoiding random encounters, and you can now capture Heronus with very high skill.
Thievery: warrior and sorceress with this skill can find lockpicks in Thrivaldi's cave, and can join the Lodge with only this skill.
Mead of Poetry can now be used to learn an extra skill.


Soundtrack is also available for download:

IndieDB says 11 900, but we had a mirror up as well, so probably over 12 000 downloads. By comparison, in 2007 when we released ATOTK, it took three months to reach 10 000 downloads.

Nope, it's there, no one has picked up on it yet, that's all :)

I am sure someone will be working on one. Radiant doesn't have time to write walkthroughs (not with all the bug fixing going on, and other projects he intends to work on after this), and I certainly can't write a walkthrough for the rogue as I haven't finished playing it myself :P I am testing it though, to check for any further bugs on top of what was reported.

We deliberately released the game without a walkthrough because we believe it is more rewarding to players to find things and work them out for themselves. It is meant to be hard to get a 500/500 score on your first playthrough; the game rewards players who are extra diligent. It also gives us some indication of whether the puzzles made sense - which they do, given that people have managed to find all the 500 points for most of the classes (one point missing for the rogue) :).

Anyway, if you are patient, I am sure we shall see one at some point.

We don't have an official walkthrough, and currently we're focusing on v1.1. Some players might be putting one together, so we will see :)

There are quite a few Let's Plays on  Youtube now; though they are playing blind.

Thanks. We've got the first two fixed (I need to check that they really are fixed now!). The third one I've reported :)

Yes, that's a bug that we're fixing in v1.1. You can retrieve your stuff before going to Svartalfheim, but you can still complete the game even without it (in which case, you just need to make sure you don't stuff up too many quests).

V1.1 probably coming end Jan or early Feb, depending on how quickly we can get this build tested to make sure no other bugs got introduced.

Banter and Chit-Chat! / Re: Adventuring Class
« on: January 20, 2014, 03:30:22 PM »
Yes, Heroine's Quest. I did mention 'heroine' in there at any rate, and if you read these forums you would know I worked on that game.

Anyway, glad you worked it out.

Banter and Chit-Chat! / Re: Adventuring Class
« on: January 20, 2014, 03:49:38 AM »
I suppose it comes down to how it is implemented to ensure that pure classes aren't disadvantaged compared to hybrids and how it should balance out in the end.

In HQ, the disadvantage to hybridizing is that you're weaker at the beginning of the game until you've levelled your stats more.

I guess one way is to introduce an arbitrary cap to the skills for a hybrid character. Or increase the cap limit for a pure class, but it depends on the skills scale, and the opportunities to use those skills (e.g. there's only so many places you need to climb in an adventure game). I guess this issue isn't a problem at all in Action-RPGs because they are open world, and they can just make even more harder monsters/dungeons to do stuff.

Another way to do it is by simply allowing the player a fixed amount of points for each character level, and the player chooses how to distribute them (so the player could hybridize by distributing points into other skills, but then is limited by how strong they become in the rest of their skills). But that would mean defining at what point a character has a new level, and is quite different for what HQ/QFI are going for (Mage's Initiation, on the other hand, appeared to have a 'choose where your stats go' UI.

Banter and Chit-Chat! / Re: Adventuring Class
« on: January 20, 2014, 03:17:13 AM »
(ok mostly one game)

HQ? :)

For a pure adventure game, it makes sense that the player should be able to do what's practical for the player character. Of course, with all games, the designer chooses all the possible actions the player character can do, so players are limited to whatever the designer chose to allow.

In a way, this extends to RPG/Adventures, within reason. I know that it is entirely possible to get max skill in strength as a sorceress/rogue, but it doesn't really make sense for those characters to go bashing down doors - my opinion is that it would be out of character for a role-playing game where you are playing a certain type of character.

If the game is designed well, you wouldn't end up being stuck/unable to progress just because you didn't have X skill. That would be poor game design. In real life, some skills might take months before you even begin to become competent at it (e.g. picking locks/throwing accurately/climbing/sneaking/even fast talking). In a way, with HQ, a single point in a skill probably indicates minimum competency, and from there, it becomes more of a matter of how good you really are. So unless the heroine studied several years learning how to harness magic, I wouldn't expect that skill to be learnt in game.

Around other RPGs, that is, Action RPGs, I would really expect my characters to solely specialize in one area. Mostly because of the way these other RPGs have certain armor/equipments which need to be optimized to get the best firepower for your character, and in terms of skills (of the very few RPGs I've played), you don't really get to cross-class in most games anyway.

With QFI, which plays more like an adventure, I *think* you can still use other class solutions for dealing with things (at least, in some cases). But unlike HQ, QFI doesn't have up front hybridizing because of the way 'choose your character' works. Still, I need to play more before I can say anything definitive; Bt could give a better idea :)

Crystal Shard is proud to announce the release of Heroine's Quest: The Herald of Ragnarok, available for FREE download!

Heroine's Quest: The Herald of Ragnarok is an adventure / RPG hybrid. Like in many adventure games, you have a world to save, and must use your wit, guile and inventory to puzzle your way through. Like in many roleplaying games, you can customize your character with various classes and skills, and must train yourself in combat to stand a chance against the fierce monsters in your way.

The game is designed in the spirit and atmosphere of the classics, and strives to have the same high quality of art, music, and plot. With multiple character classes and several solutions to many puzzles, the game has excellent replayability.

- Explore the rich world of Norse mythology!
- Three character classes with separate side quests: use your strength as a warrior, the arcane arts as a sorceress, wit and guile as a rogue, or create a hybrid with skills from multiple classes.
- 32 distinct voice acted characters with animated portraits.
- Over 100 hand-painted backgrounds and 10,000 sprites in animations.
- Many monsters, including giants, trolls, and svartalfar.
- High replayability due to optional quests, alternative solutions, and the three different classes.

Available for download from .

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