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IQ Chat / Re: What's the status of Roehm to Ruin?
« on: August 24, 2018, 05:32:21 PM »
Hey Team Bt and Klytos, or anyone who knows? How many posts do I need to get to Mastermind instead of Senior Villain????
I would guess 500 given Goatmeal is Mastermind.

IQ Chat / Re: What's the status of Roehm to Ruin?
« on: February 21, 2018, 02:34:01 AM »
It's actually making progress. I even thought it wasn't happening for a while, but then I saw that Bt posted a build late last year and frequency of new builds has increased now. There is some new content / graphics compared to a while back too.

Voice auditions were recently held, and Bt should be working through casting actors soon. Progress!

Wow, thanks for sharing that :)

Banter and Chit-Chat! / Re: A Tale of Two Kingdoms - on Steam Greenlight
« on: February 16, 2017, 05:54:19 PM »
Thanks guys :)

@Brainiac We will post the game on Itch.IO for those that prefer not to use Steam (the game is actually DRM free on Steam too). We'll approach GOG sometime in the near future and hopefully they will be open to having the game on their store as well.

Banter and Chit-Chat! / A Tale of Two Kingdoms - now available
« on: February 11, 2017, 11:28:34 PM »
Crystal Shard is pleased to announce that we are officially working on a deluxe version of A Tale of Two Kingdoms!

A Tale of Two Kingdoms is a graphical adventure in the style of the classic Sierra games. Set in the world of Celtic mythology and fairy tales, it features many sidequests and alternate endings. For this new release, we are doing a Deluxe Edition with a new interactive prologue, several graphic updates, and professional voice acting.

The ancient kingdom of Theylinn is beset by enemies. Within the castle walls, nobles vie for the old King's favor, and not everybody is happy with the sole heir to the throne, princess Rhiannon. Meanwhile, danger approaches, in the form of an invading army, a hostile giant, and a mercenary troop who are ancient enemies of the Theylann king...


Please support us and help to get this game Greenlit on Steam: (to open Greenlight page in Steam client) (web link)

Thanks guys :).

We got greenlit today, which was a nice surprise. Will update again when we release :)

The Crystal Shard Adventure Bundle is now available on Steam!

Three short and intriguing adventure games from the makers of Heroine's Quest, spanning several genres and styles.

Deep within his dungeon, Yrolg the Necromancer is summoning a mighty demon to conquer the World. Three brave adventurers, a warrior, a rogue and a sorceress, come to his lair to disrupt this dark ritual. Your job is to stop them! Lead the heroes into traps and to a nasty demise, in Quest for Yrolg.

On the starship Quasar, the lack of shore time causes tension to run high. The latest argument has proved too much; bringing these warring characters back together will be no easy task. Control four different characters to explore the ship; instead of on puzzle solving, the game Starship Quasar focuses on their personalities and interactions.

It is time for final exams at the Magic University, and notorious slacker Larry Lotter is about to flunk all of them because he spent less time studying and more time drinking beer. His last hope is to cheat like there's no tomorrow! Using a spell to reverse time, he gets the chance to do his day over again until he passes, in the parody Larry Lotter and the Test of Time.

The games offer voice acting, Linux support, various languages, achievements, and trading cards.

Store page:

(For what it's worth, I think Crystal Shard has been trying to steer more towards commercializing their games with the Deluxe editions they're selling on their website.  But they still don't have much of a presence on any of the major storefronts barring Heroine's Quest on Steam)
Well, it's more so we can get our games more widely distributed as distributors tend to want to make money :P. Heroine's Quest, while noticed by some media when it was first released, was only more widely recognised once it got put on Steam.

We haven't been pushing the publishing aspect much lately, and admittedly Radiant has been dragging his feet with the smaller adventure games because focus has been on another bigger (non-adventure) project. But hopefully we will be doing a Greenlight soon as we shouldn't keep basically-complete games in limbo.

I'll add that it wouldn't work to merge groups because each group has their own designer/writer who has their own stories and ideas that they want to see implemented.

Sure, resources like artists can be shared (e.g. I have worked on nearly every Crystal Shard game as well as IQ game), but that doesn't make things better/more profitable for either group.

IQ Chat / Re: Order of the Thorne is out now!
« on: January 26, 2016, 05:02:56 AM »
I helped Bt put together an page earlier:

That said, Bt's reply regarding GOG updates can be read on page 2 here:

IQ Chat / Re: Happy Birthday, DrSlash!
« on: August 08, 2015, 06:36:39 PM »
Happy birthday! Hope you had a great day :)

IQ Chat / Re: Quest For Infamy (Russian localization)
« on: July 10, 2015, 07:36:53 AM »
The fonts on portraits are part of the image itself (AGS engine doesn't support separate fonts for portraits).

The main font is the one used for regular text messages and dialog. Other fonts in the game are all images (made in Photoshop).

Banter and Chit-Chat! / Re: The Hobbit Rant (SPOILERS!)
« on: December 30, 2014, 02:21:13 AM »
Yep, I fell asleep during the first movie, which was airing on free TV on Saturday. I actually watched the second movie last year and thought that the cliffhanger was terrible, and when I saw the third movie, felt that the beginning really should have gone into the end of the second one. That said, there wasn't much else happening during the third movie, which was probably why they did it like that.

Agree that it should have been one movie, pacing was too slow a lot of the time.

Quest for Infamy / Re: QFG 4.5 Discussion Part XVIII
« on: September 29, 2014, 04:12:10 AM »
It's not an Easter egg, you need to click on the books on top of the shelf.

Quest for Infamy / Re: Bug testing
« on: August 05, 2014, 07:22:27 PM »

I'm one of those guilty of not testing as much as I wanted.  I did report some errors, but this was the first time I've ever tested a game, and it was WAY more complex than I ever could imagine.  Which is an awesome thing--but unfortunately, life & work just got in the way for me, so I wasn't too much help with that in the end I'm afraid.  (Excuses, excuses... :PBut I definitely didn't choose to be a beta tester just to get my hands on the game...this is a project I've really believed in from the start and I have HUGE amount of respect for everyone who worked so tirelessly on it.  So my main contribution probably wasn't so much with the testing, but I wanted to help in any way possible.
Yep, my earlier comment was speaking more generally (not just about QFI) about how a lot of people view beta testing as a way to get their hands on a game earlier / get a free copy, rather than those who are already supportive of the game like yourself. And it's fine to have people on board who wanted to play the game a bit earlier, as long as they contribute as they promised. And if they can't, then to let us know if they are too busy to help, like many people did :) 
I think the hardest part of any beta testing is having the time to do it.  Just playing through the game once doesn't cut it.  Instead, every aspect of the game needs to be explored, and puzzles and dialog options have to be attempted in different combinations.  A good beta tester also has to be quite creative.  I've had some time off before my next job, and even without a job to get in the way, I don't feel I've completely explored the QFI world.  It's so vast and rich.  I wonder how helpful I'd be as a beta tester.

QFI comes across as having been extremely well-tested before release, and I appreciate the time everyone spent making it so polished.
Indeed. For me it was time... I work full time in real life (which also requires some travel away), but I ended up spending nearly all my free time after work testing the game in the couple of months before release. Lambonius pulled out all stops right before release though, which really helped as I was very drained at that point. Plus, he found a bunch of stuff I wouldn't have found in that time. It does help to have different sets of eyes looking for different things, and we did have to look for cases where you could do things out of order and muck up the code/story continuity because of it. It's not easy :)

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