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IQ Chat / The future of Infamous Quests
« on: July 18, 2016, 02:05:22 PM »
Re: Blackthorne's recent QFI Kickstarter Update (July 18, 2016)


It is truly a sad day here at the IQ forums: the release of "Quest for Infamy: Roehm to Ruin" and "Order of the Thorne: Fortress of Fire" will likely be the last games for Infamous Quests.  Unless things drastically change -- which they likely won't -- this tentative decision is, unfortunately, not wholly unexpected for all of the reasons Blackthorne gave: even if you're treading water, you're not getting ahead...

It should NEVER be forgotten that in the space of a mere 4 years, Infamous Quests was able to produce and RELEASE TWO high-quality crowdfunded graphic adventure games and is in the process of completing TWO more; other fan re-makers and retired professionals with much, MUCH more crowdfunding money haven't even completed a _single_ game* during the same period.  Despite the lack of economic viability for such games in today's marketplace, NOTHING and NO ONE can ever take this accomplishment away from the IQ team.

As an occasional fontographer for IQ and full-time fan, I thank you all for letting us be a part of this endeavor.

At least we have two more games to look forward to.  My appreciation and gratitude to the entire IQ staff for all that they have done, and as the end draws nigh, perhaps they will give us tidbits and hints as to what the last two Order of the Thorne games would have entailed...

*And to those who would minimize the IQ retro-style AGS games in comparison against the size / scope / ambition / complexity of those as-yet unreleased games, I would say that "Quest for Infamy" easily holds its own in those categories.

Here is an fan-made atlas for the Great Realm of Uir, giving the general locations of the lands and mountain ranges described in The King's Challenge and the plot prologue to the Fortress of Fire.  My intention is to keep it updated as the other three Order of the Thorne games are released.

Please note that this map is a work-in-progress and subject to change for the following reasons:

1. While we know of places like Mor Claiomh and Glen Morgana, their locations haven't been fully described yet.

2. We don't know of other countries/lands/mountains/bodies of water for Uir at this point.

3. As this is general speculation based on information provided by the game(s), the game makers may have a different idea or more detailed plan as to the exact locations of these lands and landmarks.

As more information is known (further game releases, conversations with game designers, etc.), the map will be changed accordingly.

I wonder how many people playing The King's Challenge know that there are actually _2_ different post-credit epilogue endings?

While similar, the alternate epilogue ending gives a little hint as to the fate of the late Brother Choden, who ran the Crann Naoimh Monastery before his untimely death a while back!

Most people playing the game likely played it as expected/designed: in the final battle, Finn plays the Shield song to protect the Queen, while Brother Kunchen works his Orderly magic to repel the attack.

In that epilogue, the Vesparum and General Tanean are concerned about the Bard who defeated their plans of kidnapping of the Faerie Queen, vowing to keep an eye on Finn in the future...


However, the option ALSO exists to NOT play the Shield song during the time allotted.  If Finn doesn't play the Shield song, Brother Kunchen still steps in to repel the Vesparum attack.

In THIS version of the epilogue, however, the Vesparum reveal that they killed poor Brother Choden as part of their dastardly plans -- to get him out of the way -- but hadn't expected another Monk (Kunchen) to be present during their attack.

No mention is made of the Bard, because in this version of events, he failed to play the Shield song; Finn was merely a spectator/non-entity during the attack and NOT an active participant.


Kudos to the IQ Team for this alternate ending!

While the admission of who killed Brother Choden is certainly informative, I'm sure that the "official" canon will be as designed: that Finn saved the Queen during the attack.   :D

I just downloaded the February 2016 version of The King's Challenge from the Humble Store.

I also have the initial January 2016 release from from the Humble Store.

Is there any way of telling which version of the game I'm playing while in-game?  I know in Quest For Infamy, it was displayed on the opening copyright disclosure before the opening splash, and in the help menu, the version number and from where it was downloaded was also displayed.  However, it doesn't seem to be there in TKC.


Banter and Chit-Chat! / New update at Quest For 3D
« on: February 26, 2016, 08:56:53 PM »
After ~3 years of inactivity, the creator of Quest For 3D is back working on the project and has an update.

He's ported the town of Spielburg from the Unreal 3 Engine to the Unreal 4 engine, and has a day-night cycle video...

...And if you've never seen the amazing test video from a few years ago:

Banter and Chit-Chat! / SCI Companion 3.0 has been released
« on: February 14, 2016, 01:51:12 PM »
While checking in at the AGD Interactive forums, someone there posed that the most recent version of SCI Companion was released in late January:

SCI Companion 3.0

SCI Companion 3 has been officially released!
Create new your own classic games using either the SCI0 (EGA) or SCI1.1 (VGA) templates
Extract resources and decompile original scripts from SCI0, SCI1 or SCI2 games (you can even make patches!)

Here are some maps to help YOU help Finn on his many quests around the Faerie Kingdom to complete The King's Challenge.  They are presented as both PNG image files and higher-quality PDF files.

Please note that there are some MINOR SPOILERS here...

If I missed something, something is misspelled, or a link below doesn't work, let me know.  Enjoy!

The Faerie Kingdom

The Faerie Kingdom PDF

Crann Naoimh

Crann Naoimh PDF

The Northern Swamp

The Northern Swamp PDF

Order of the Thorne : The King's Challenge / Abdon speaks?
« on: January 30, 2016, 10:18:00 PM »
Is it possible to get Abdon to say something on your behalf during the end ceremonies?

I was able to get everyone but him -- but I figured that's because Abdon's a butthead.   ;)

IQ Chat / Awfully quiet around here...
« on: January 25, 2016, 05:51:47 PM »
...especially the night before the big release of another award-winning game...

...Yep, too quiet...

1. Will the soundtrack also be available when the King's Challenge is released tomorrow?

2. Will you guys repost the Reddit AMA thread once it's complete?

Quest for Infamy / Bracers of Wealth -- Fixed for QFI version 1.2?
« on: December 09, 2015, 09:50:55 PM »
I saw where Humble Store finally uploaded version 1.2 of Quest For Infamy.

Was the Bracers of Wealth bug fixed for this version?  Or was it removed from the game proper?

I checked the IQ/IQ Twitter feed yesterday, and saw that Aubrey Hodge's Official Soundtrack for Quest For Glory 4 was finally released.  I usually checked his Bandcamp page every couple of days for signs of progress, but BT beat me to the punch yesterday!

It's WELL worth the $15 price.

I'm only a quarter-way through listening to the "real instrument" versions, but "Erana's Staff' is my current favorite by far; this arrangement is so achingly beautiful, yet haunting at the same time...

Purist Warning / Buyer Beware: While every track from the game is included as a ultra high end Sound Canvas version, not EVERY track has been remade using real instruments -- BT asked Aubrey about that, and his reply was "that it would've 'taken too long!'"

Quest for Infamy / QFI Soundtrack - Chronological Order
« on: August 22, 2015, 09:21:40 PM »
While it's difficult to put a somewhat non-linear game soundtrack like QFI "in order", here's my attempt:

(Note that while the tracks are in order of the game events, some tracks are grouped due to non-linear geographic areas/screen progressions, and others are grouped according to class - Brigand, then Sorcerer, then Rogue)

(It also seems like I was able to get the "Surfing with the Centai" track to trigger somehow, but I cannot remember how to do it again to determine where it should be placed...)

Start new Infamy.mp3
Quest for Infamy.mp3

Welcome to Volksville.mp3
Volksville town.mp3
Gwen and Owen.mp3
The Tobacconist.mp3
The Jolly Rogering!.mp3
Potions and Poultices.mp3

The Execution.mp3
Meet Rayford.mp3

7 Drunken Knights.mp3
7 Wasted Knights.mp3
7 Paralytic Knights.mp3

Game of Cards.mp3

On a Roll.mp3

Volksville after dark.mp3
Sleepy Town.mp3
Watch out for Monsters.mp3
Prepare to Die.mp3

Welcome Inn.mp3
Early Riser.mp3
Legends Never Sleep.mp3

My Pet!.mp3

Cheeky Banker.mp3

Join Us!.mp3
The Law Won.mp3

Apple Fields.mp3
Vantage Point.mp3

It was THIS big.mp3
Brattles Cabin.mp3
A Walk in the woods.mp3
The Ruined Mansion.mp3
The Ghost in The Trees.mp3

Live or Die.mp3
Good Evening Lawman.mp3
Gorth is Dead!.mp3

Of Bears and Dens.mp3
To be a Brigand.mp3
The Plan.mp3
The Ambush.mp3

The Old Graveyard.mp3
The Chapel.mp3
Den of Thieves.mp3

The King's Road.mp3
Swart's Old Donkey.mp3
Hermit Homestead.mp3
Secret Garden.mp3 (*)
The Wrecked Homestead.mp3
Quercus sinuata.mp3
Rolling Hills.mp3
I am Hummel.mp3

Port of Tyr.mp3
The Beautiful City.mp3
Tyr's Arrows.mp3
Fresh Sea Air.mp3
The Red Door.mp3
The Salty Dog.mp3
Tea with the Mayor.mp3
Cool night by the sea.mp3

Magic and Might.mp3
Stinky Swamp.mp3

The Curse.mp3

The Runes of Doom.mp3

Behind the Waterfall.mp3
Smokin' it Up.mp3

The Meeting.mp3

Necklace 1.mp3
Necklace 2.mp3
Necklace 3.mp3
Necklace 4.mp3

Hummel's Dead.mp3

The South Woods.mp3
Necromancer's Cave.mp3
The Moonshiner.mp3

Show no Mercy.mp3

Morroi Nightmare.mp3

Tyr Battle.mp3
The Showdown.mp3
Another Showdown.mp3

Death of a bastard.mp3
Centai Forever.mp3
Goodbye Mr Roehm.mp3
Don't Count on Me (Want to be a Hero).mp3
Family Makes You Wait The Longest.mp3 (*)

Magic Show.mp3
The Library of Tyr.mp3
Fish on a Wall.mp3
Broken Fish.mp3

Choose your Path.mp3
Surfing With The Centai.mp3
Silly Theme (unused).mp3
Japsworth (unused).mp3
Sad theme (unused).mp3

 (*) Exclusive IQ Forum Track / Not Part Of The Original Soundtrack Release

Quest for Infamy / Still discovering things in QFI...
« on: August 05, 2015, 01:05:12 PM »
Even though I've been playing QFI for almost a year, I am still discovering new things -- things I hadn't tried before.  Most recent example:

While working on the recent "Worlds of Tahrsein" article, I used several sets of saved games in order to refer to the game's text at different points in the game and for the three character classes.

Well, last night, instead of clicking the Map of Lonaria on Roehm in his room in the Inn, one of those times I accidentally clicked the Map on the Bed.

The resulting game reference and narrator's indifferent reply made me laugh out loud.

Thanks, guy.   ;)

The World of Tahrsein:
The Lands of "Quest For Infamy"


     Tahrsein is the name of the world in which the Quest For Infamy games take place.  A single moon called 'Lidos' orbits the planet.
     Over 10,000 years ago, a great celestial event altered Tahrsein's evolutionary course: a massive cataclysm decimated the planet's surface, destroying almost all of the societal advancements made by the previous inhabitants (who are now referred to as "The Ones Who Came Before").  Rumored to be the result of a comet striking the planet's surface, none of Tahrsein's current inhabitants know with certainty; its cause has been long since forgotten over the intervening millennia.
     Out of the ashes, those who remained slowly rebuilt their shattered planet, eventually giving rise to the five great nations of Tahrsein:
     By the start of Quest For Infamy, these nations are joined by numerous other countries, lands, kingdoms, and realms across a repopulated Tahrsein. (QFI Game Manual, QFI Official Companion)
     * The cataclysm and resulting consequences are to be an important plot point of Quest For Infamy 2. (QFI Official Companion)

"The Ones Who Came Before"
     The historical name of the people who lived before the great cataclysm that once shifted the world of Tahrsein.  Remnants of their great society can be found in the Thieves Den (Lonarian South Guild, Number #67408), which is far older than any other place in South Lonaria, as well as their vast network of tracked tunnels that run beneath the Valley of Krasna. ("The Ones Who Came Before" = Red, Thieves Den) (Map of Lonaria/Rogue Class)
     * The cataclysm and resulting consequences are to be an important plot point of Quest For Infamy 2. (QFI Official Companion)

Lonaria / The Kingdom of Lonaria
     One of the five great nations of Tahrsein, the Kingdom of Lonaria is split into two large areas by the Great River Silmahwyn: North Lonaria, where the Castle of the King 'Koninglist' is located, and South Lonaria, also known as the Valley of Krasna. (QFI Game Manual, QFI Official Companion) ("Kingdom", "Castle of the King" = Udo, Volksville)
     Considered the greatest King of Lonaria, it was Ferris the Brave who unified the feuding villages, built the great bridge across the River Silmahwyn, and commissioned the construction of the Port City of Tyr as well as the King's Road. ("Ferris The Brave" = Jovan, Library/Tyr)  King Harland Uland is the current ruler of Lonaria. (Velikor, End Cut-Scene)

North Lonaria
     The Castle of Koninglist, seat of power for the Kingdom of Lonaria, lies in the northeastern forest, while closer to the King's Road in the grasslands lies a mill to the east and a little village on the western side. (Various Looks = Narrator, King's Bridge/Tower Bridge Screen)  The Order of the Cloak and Dagger also has a Guild there, the Lonarian North Guild ("Raven Side-Quest" = Red, Thieves Den).

South Lonaria
     Also known as the Valley of Krasna, this half of Lonaria is nestled between two great mountain ranges that form its eastern and western borders.  Krasna consists of the great Port City of Tyr, located on the ocean in the southwest, and the forest town of Volksville, located in the heart of the Valley; to the northwest, beyond the King's Road, is a tiny settlement called Hermit's Homestead. (Map of Lonaria)
     The Great River Silmahwyn enters Lonaria well to the north of the eastern mountain range, dividing Lonaria in half by cutting a magnificent gorge as it flows toward the western mountain range.  From there, the River curves to the south, forming a deep chasm between the grasslands to the east and the mountains to the west.  Eventually the Great River is routed over Tyr's aqueduct system, high above the city, before emptying into the Bay of Tyr. (Map of Lonaria) (Various 'Looks' = Narrator, Grasslands) ("Wall & Aqueduct" = Lionel, Information Stand/Tyr)  The Great River Silmahwyn not only runs through Lonaria, but almost the entire continent. ("River" = Udo, Volksville)
     The eastern mountain range forms a natural barrier down to the ocean, with only a single road leading out of the Valley.  On the other side of Krasna, a vast mountain range full of sharp and jagged rocks lies directly to the west, constraining the River Silmahwyn and forcing it south.  Southwest of Hermit's Homestead, a ruined foot bridge once crossed the gorge over to the steep and rocky mountain range.  However, the bridge was battered and destroyed by the elements long ago and never repaired.  From all appearances, it looks like the footbridge seemingly led to nowhere on the opposite side. (Map of Lonaria) (Various 'Looks' = Narrator, Western Bridge)
     The road east of Volksville leads to an abandoned guard tower at the foot of the eastern mountain range.  It continues out of the Valley, high into the mountains, eventually leading to the land of Eighan.  The journey over the mountains usually takes several weeks, either by foot or by horse cart, but can go much quicker by caravan. (Blackthorne PM) (Map of Lonaria) (Narrator, Prelude) (Walk East = Narrator, Krasna Overlook) (Big D's Side-Quest)  The road west of Volksville leads to the King's Road; from there, one can travel north over the Tower Bridge (also known as the King's Bridge) into North Lonaria, or head south down to the Port City of Tyr on the ocean. (Map of Lonaria) (King's Bridge/Tower Bridge screen)
     The Port City of Tyr is the greatest city on the southern continent; founded over 500 years ago by Great King Ferris the Brave, there is no finer city besides the Castle of Koninglist in all of Lonaria. ("Tyr" = Lionel, Information Stand/Tyr) ("Tyr" = Jovan, Library/Tyr)  Two of the many notable buildings found in Tyr are the Hall of Laws and the Library of Tyr.  The Hall of Laws contains not only the courts of Tyr, but also the schools of law for the Kingdom of Lonaria and beyond. ("Hall of Laws" = Lionel, Information Stand/Tyr)  The Library was originally built as a fortress, but Ferris the Brave realized he could hide the true wealth of a nation knowledge within its sturdy and expansive walls. ("Library" = Lionel, Information Stand/Tyr)
     The sleepy forest town of Volksville the "People's Village" is bordered by two rivers on three sides.  The two rivers join together southwest of Volksville, winding its way through the South Woods.  Like all rivers in the Valley of Krasna, it empties into the ocean on Lonaria's southern side. (Map of Lonaria) ("Volksville" = Udo, Volksville) ("Wall & Aqueduct" = Lionel, Information Stand/Tyr)

Eighan / The Land of Eighan
     Over the vast mountain range to the east of South Lonaria lies the land of Eighan.  One of its Baronies is Hogansville, ruled by Baron Brandlevrot. (Blackthorne PM) ("Somewhere in a Far-Off Castle", Opening Prelude) (Kayanna, Fortress Steps) (Rayford, Sheriff's Office)  It's several weeks journey along a mountain road from South Lonaria by foot or by cart. (Narrator, Prelude) (Walk East = Narrator, Krasna Overlook)  There are also caravans that make the journey as well. (Big D's Side-Quest)

Jhondar / The Land of Jhondar
     One of the five great nations of Tahrsein, the land of Jhondar lies in the north of Tahrsein, northeast of Lonaria. (QFI Game Manual, QFI Official Companion) ("Centai" = Jovan, Library/Tyr) ("Centai"/Book: "Religions of Tahrsein" = Garyeth/Library, Tyr)  The main city, also named Jhondar, is home to the Order of the Centai, a religious group of monks and enlightened scholars that looks to serve humanity by seeking peace and knowledge.  They help maintain the peace, honor and tranquility throughout their technologically-advanced city. (Kayanna, Fortress Steps)
     The legendary first Centai Priest, Jhonda, was a simple farmer who found the Eye of Jaager while plowing a field on his remote homestead.  Upon touching the Gem the first of three "Eyes of God" to be discovered Jhonda was given a vision as to how to construct not only the Centai Monastery, but also what would become the great city of Jhondar.  Using an odd and magnificent machine, Jhonda built the famous Centai Temple as well as most of the other technological advances found in Jhondar, such as proper sewers and an underground water-propelled transit system. ("Eye of Jaager"/Book: "The Eyes of God and Other Holy Treasures" = Garyeth, Library/Tyr)
     The city of Jhondar is laid-out in the shape of a circle (or at least the northern half is) and contains numerous sky-scrapers, which speaks to the truly advanced nature of the city.  By far the tallest structure in Jhondar is the Centai Temple, where the Eye of Mantilla floats atop a trapezoidal pedestal at its apex.  A river flows north of the city, and just beyond that, mountains topped with green vegetation form sheer walls thousands of feet high.  Further to the north are even taller snow-capped mountains. (Epilogue Cut-Scene)

Delai / The Land of Delai
     The land of Delai is the birthplace of the Morroi, a primitive and ancient cult that has spread to many other continents in Tahrsein over the years. ("Morroi"/Book: "The Religions of Tahrsein" = Garyeth, Library/Tyr)  The Morroi, too, have their own technology, including a machine that works with the Eye of Jaager. (Uotaargh Fight = Rayford, Fortress) (Final Fight= Rayford, Lighthouse/Tyr)

Anenghoti / The Realm of Anenghoti
     This realm exports the finest tobacco leaf available, the Kenmati Leaf. (Introduction = Armand, Tobacconist)  Among the finest of tobaccos, the Kenmati Leaf only grows in a small portion of the world. ("Kenmati Tobacco" = Armand, Tobacconist)  It's a difficult leaf to grow and harvest, which only speaks to the unique agriculture qualities of this land. (Buy Screen = Armand, Tobacconist)

     This land is where the Sir Daves Blend of tobacco is grown.   A very rare and expensive blend, the medicinal qualities not to mention its occasional psychotropic effects make this tobacco a favorite of musicians and minstrels alike. ("The Art Of Tobacco"/ Bookshelf = Narrator, Library/Tyr) ("Sir Daves of Rhomerio" = Armand, Tobacconist)

     Kyiadia is a country to the south of Lonaria; its people are great masters of cloth and dress-making.  Tara, the woman who sells handmade garments in Tyr's Marketplace, is originally from Kyiadia. ("Tyr" = Tara, Tyr Marketplace)

Urlince / The Land of Urlince
     Located north of Lonaria, the land of Urlince is home to a race of talking bears called 'Urlinites.'  Chuy the Brigand Bear is one such Urlinite, and he's quite proud of the amazing cities of his homeland. ("Home" = Chuy the Bear, Brigand's Hideout)

Ier / Kingdom of Ier
     In the Kingdom of Ier, a young and inexperienced Chuy let two guys get the best of him; they put him in a cage as a tourist attraction for a traveling caravan before Kurdt rescued him 5 years ago. ("Cage" = Chuy the Bear, Brigand's Hideout)

Unnamed Land to the South
     The Mills family (Bobby, Whitey and Junior) are from this unnamed land to the south of Lonaria.  "Cobber," a word from their home, means "Friend." (Safety Deposit Box = Whitey, Bank of Volksville)

Unnamed Land to the South
     Deep in Rayford's Dungeon, the barbarian Suduk Gora states that his home lies south of Lonaria over the ocean. (Suduk Gora, Rayford's Dungeon)  It is unknown at this time whether his homeland is Kyiadia, the same unnamed land from which the Mills family emigrated, or possibly some other as-yet-unnamed country in Tahrsein's southern region.

     According to Dr. Frank, Agroobu is great city with an amazing culture. (Dr. Frank, Volksville Marketplace)

Spielburg Village
     The place where "Razzle Dazzle Root Beer" is made. (Look Various Items = Volksville General Store)

The Northern Frost Lands
     Not much is known about this frigid region; it was said that with his personality, Donner Killington could have sold ice to its residents. ("Killingtons"/Book: "Killingtons, Volume 5" = Garyeth, Library/Tyr)

     Little is known about this city/land.  A book in the Library of Tyr ponders the question as to whether or not it actually existed. (Book: "Texas: Was it a real place?", Narrator, Bookshelf/Library/Tyr)

Illinaya -
     One of the five great nations of Tahrsein, little is known about this land. (QFI Game Manual, QFI Official Companion)

     One of the five great nations of Tahrsein, little is known about this land. (QFI Game Manual, QFI Official Companion)

     One of the five great nations of Tahrsein, little is known about this land. (QFI Game Manual, QFI Official Companion)

Quest For Infamy computer game by Infamous Quests
Quest For Infamy game manual by Infamous Quests
Quest For Infamy: The Official Companion - Art Book and Hint Guide by Infamous Quests
Q&A with Blackthorne of Infamous Quests

Quest for Infamy / Prospero in Tyr
« on: August 04, 2015, 01:36:30 PM »
How is Prospero able to join the going-away gathering for Roehm in Tyr when he cannot leave the walls of Volksville?

Two possibilities:

1) It is an astral projection (i.e., magical hologram) of Prospero.

2) It was the Necromancer who cursed Prospero after his... dalliances.  Once Roehm was used to destroy her (oops: spoiler!), her curse over Prospero was lifted.  Thus, he was able to join the people of Krasna in Tyr.

     ...And if Roehm chooses NOT to perform the Necromancer side-quest before the game's end?  Then see #1 above.

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