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Banter and Chit-Chat! / Worst adventure game you've ever played
« on: October 21, 2013, 09:29:05 AM »
Looking to spur a bit of discussion here... so what's the worst adventure game you've ever played? I've heard a lot about Limbo of the Lost, of course, but it's hard to consider a game so plagiarized an honest effort. I have to nominate a little-known late 90s title called Fable, which was so obscure that most people think I must be talking about the Peter Molyneux RPG of the same name. No, Fable was a near-complete wreck of an adventure game that tried its best to be funny, but ruined most of its gags with terrible delivery, ruined most of its gameplay with a terrible interface, and ruined most of its puzzles with terrible puzzles. The fact that the main character's name is Quickthorpe should tell you something. (It told me that they desperately wanted to be like Monkey Island, anyway.) Even the original ending was so bad that they made a new one for the American re-release - and it's not much better, but at least it fits the story.

It's a pretty relevant topic for me because I'm slowly doing a Let's Play of the game for the Something Awful forums, and with each update, I'm writing a mini-essay about what makes an adventure game good or bad, in my opinion, and how Fable falls foul of almost every criterion. Here's the playlist if you want to follow along and compare your own least favorite to mine.

I have to give Jack Keane at least an honorable mention, though. I gave up on it pretty quickly when the strategy of "hold Tab to see what objects I can interact with" failed to give me any clues to progress. At least I can't remember any particularly cringe-worthy attempts at humor.

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