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Title: Life and what's Living for
Post by: Chadly on December 11, 2018, 05:49:58 AM
Ok, this topic is kind of sappy I guess, About ten years ago I ran into a few folk, who had a web site called Infamous Adventures. It evolved to Infamous Quests.  I met some folks who liked, old sierra,or Lucas Arts games. Just old classic games that I enjoyed playing. Just a bunch of nerds/geeks who like me enjoyed the former... Now some years gone, These cool folks made a couple I enjoy..for almost free. QFI/Order of the Thorne. Sure, they were not free, and cost all who gave time,some dollars,who put time and effort into them to make money. But they brought me back to my childhood, to a sense of adventure. One that I was happy to support and pay for. Maybe I am a old guy, for That one Moment I had my childhood back, it's not like today's shit games, with violence/kill everyone. With the games I speak of, there is a goal, with humor and fun that is sorely lacking in games today.  TO all that still loves adventure games I salute you, and I will support you, monetary or however i can.   Sorry for the Rant, but Thank-you, Steve, Shawn,Jason. Jen, everyone who made an effort to surprise and revive life, to a genre that will will never die.  Thanks guys and gals.... Chadly.....
Title: Re: Life and what's Living for
Post by: Blackthorne on December 11, 2018, 08:40:48 AM
Thanks for the support man. Glad you like what we do.

Title: Re: Life and what's Living for
Post by: Klytos on December 18, 2018, 11:28:33 PM
Thanks Chad, glad you love our games!