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Title: Old Sierra game nostalgia
Post by: Chadly on December 01, 2018, 09:42:27 AM
As the header lists, I recently got a hankering to play old Sierra games from my youth. So I bought them all on, and played them in a marathon. Kings Quests, Space Quests, Police Quests, Hero's Quests (oops I mean Quest for Glory), and a few obscure classics like Codename Iceman (frustrating), Gold Rush, Conquest of the Longbow and Finally Conquest if Camelot. It took awhile, but was fun. The 80's/90's was the golden era of adventure games. Today;s game son't even come close. Yes they are graphically superior, better sound, etc, but are limited to FPS or third person. I truly enjoy games like QFI/Order of the Thorne for their homage to the former games snd wisg=h more were made. But that;s just wishful thinking as games have evolved.  Chadly. 8)
Title: Re: Old Sierra game nostalgia
Post by: nameless on December 01, 2018, 12:47:09 PM
Police Quests are about the only ones I couldn't really get into.

I remember, when playing Conquest Of Camelot, it could easily fail from cache overflow. After finally completing it, I sent a save file to Ken and his significant other, to show I had actually completed the game and the fact that my eyes were square (from staring at the monitor countless hours) and rather crusty. They replied with an apology and hoped my eyes would soon return to normal. hahaha!
Title: Re: Old Sierra game nostalgia
Post by: Adventuress on December 01, 2018, 02:16:52 PM
@nameless (;u=558):  I agree about Police Quest.  If I recall correctly, they had a real police officer as an advisor (or something like that) and the pointless driving around and waiting was apparently added to make the game more realistic, as that was relevant to police officers (e.g. stake-outs).