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Title: Bt (Steve's) Kidney Failure
Post by: Chadly on October 17, 2018, 02:56:01 AM
New Post here folk,

   Well in the last few days Steven Alexander aka BT has took a turned for the worst.   I could tell you ALL VERBATIM BUT THAT IS REDUNDANT. Steve is Dying of Kidney Failure. No cure, and he won't take his wife's kidney for backup. Now I am a nobody, but healthy I could give him one of mine, I just don't think he take it, being the guy he is. Which makes me mad. (I am healthy, have no kids, or wife, shit i can live lots with only one kidney~) Less beer which makes my mother happy??  Friends, please for the love of Christ, God, Allah, or whatever you believe, in help Steve and Jordan, @ ( These are wonderful and great people. Please help!  Thank-You!
Title: Re: Bt (Steve's) Kidney Failure
Post by: Kaldire on October 17, 2018, 02:58:18 PM
huge hugs
Title: Re: Bt (Steve's) Kidney Failure
Post by: Blackthorne on October 19, 2018, 04:22:09 PM
Hey guys.

Well, I'm home after spending a week in the hospital.  I'll be back on dialysis on Monday, and doing that for the foreseeable future.  Sorry things have been slow around here.

Title: Re: Bt (Steve's) Kidney Failure
Post by: Kaldire on October 19, 2018, 08:50:25 PM
seriously matey
Dont need to apologize for the slowness when you are this down n' out

oi  get better  PERIOD

hugs hugssss
Title: Re: Bt (Steve's) Kidney Failure
Post by: Chadly on October 20, 2018, 03:45:46 PM
Health issues are first, family second. All other concerns including work, posting online, etc last.  Get well soon Steve! :) :D ;)
Title: Re: Bt (Steve's) Kidney Failure
Post by: Nowhere Girl on October 21, 2018, 11:11:44 AM
I feel very sorry for Steve and his family. But I also think that he has made a responsible decision by refusing to accept his wife's kidney. If, according to what I've read, his autoimmune disease is slowly destroying cells in his kidneys and doctors are unable to manage it, a new kidney will only prolong his life by a few years. It is a brave thing to say: "I don't want to live at the cost of someone else's health, I'm ready to die".
It will mean a ot of suffering for the whole family and a loss for gamers, but still it is his own decision and responsibility.
Title: Re: Bt (Steve's) Kidney Failure
Post by: Kaldire on October 21, 2018, 09:16:42 PM
Not to be glib  but its how I cope

You sure the Marmite sing session didn't do anything? that jar o devils seed matey

Steve, Hang IN THERE
we are on the cusp of Biomed machine to human and vice versa
you may just get robo kidneys! (

reject that, or stuff yourself in cyro urm maybe in an ice cube tray or 20? SQ joke there

Title: Re: Bt (Steve's) Kidney Failure
Post by: Blackthorne on October 22, 2018, 08:37:45 AM
It's not certain that whatever condition I have will kill the next transplant I might get; there's an 80% chance it will... but there's a 20% chance it won't.  However, with risks to that and to my wife's health, for my family's sake, it's better if I don't take a kidney from her.  If any complications were to befall her because of this, and our children were negatively impacted more than they already will be... this is what I make my considerations on.

I've been pretty tough for 15 years.  I will see how much longer I can go.  I am pretty stubborn.

Title: Re: Bt (Steve's) Kidney Failure
Post by: shoptroll on October 31, 2018, 08:27:57 PM
I've been pretty tough for 15 years.  I will see how much longer I can go.  I am pretty stubborn.

Give it hell man.

Seriously, take care of yourself and your family first and foremost.  And is there anything we can do to help?
Title: Re: Bt (Steve's) Kidney Failure
Post by: Blackthorne on November 01, 2018, 11:17:11 AM
Honestly, everyone here has been so supportive.  For years.  Just the conversations we've had, the folks who've played the games I've worked on and liked them...  this stuff all adds to the mix that makes me want to keep on living. 

I've honestly had a lot of medical problems and struggle, but I've also done some amazing things that put me in touch with amazing people all over the world, and that is a life worth living.  Seriously, I have to count my blessings in the dark times - and how many people can claim friends from every inch of this globe?  How many people have been lucky enough to work on their dream and see it come to fruition and have people enjoy the entertainment they created?  I have.

I may not have working kidneys, but I've been given so much more than others ever have been.  So, just keep doing what you're doing - playing our games, talking about them, joking with me, sharing the things you like and enjoy.  I've been doing this as long as I've had kidney failure and I intend to so until I eventually pass on.

Title: Re: Bt (Steve's) Kidney Failure
Post by: solaris32 on November 04, 2018, 07:56:09 AM
I strongly suggest you look into fasting and fixing your diet which is what caused your issues in the first place. Cut out ALL processed food and drink, all refined sugar, and eat minimally processed meat with some whole fruits and vegetables. This isn't some mystical belief or magical concoction to sell. Salt water fasting is free and backed up with real science. The absolute worst that will happen is you save money on food and still die anyway. Many people have cured their cancer, type-2 diabetes, STDs, autoimmune problems, and more through the power of our body's natural healing system, fasting.

Look into Dr. Jason Fung on the science of fasting, where he specializes in weight loss especially in relation to curing diabetes. Look into the Snake Diet on Youtube for a foul mouthed but passionate man who will motivate the heck out of you to actually do it as well as how exactly to do it. If you go to his Facebook Snake Diet Motivation group ( ( he will probably give you free coaching considering your serious condition, if you're willing to do the accountability photos to document your before and after's to prove to the various skeptics that want you to stay sick and die that fasting actually works. Look at the results he gets, mainly in weight loss since that's his specialty, but many of these people also had medical conditions associated with obesity and a bad diet that got fixed: (
Here's a woman who cured her brain cancer: (
People will say this didn't happen, that it's impossible. But what do any of us have to gain by lying to you? This is all FREE and our only goal is to see you healthy and happy.

I just looked at your gofundme page and didn't realize you've already had transplants and that your current kidney is utterly destroyed. Fasting is amazing for repairing the body but it can't rebuild what's been destroyed. Fasting also boosts your immune system, hence how it's able to beat "incurable" pathogens. Because of this immune system boost it *could* cause rejection of non-original organs. Despite this I still highly recommend you get coaching from someone on the Snake Diet Motivation group, coaches who have experience helping 100s of people lose weight and fix medical problems. If you actually listen to them and do this, you will lose the weight, fix your diet, hopefully get a new kidney, and because of the positive changes in your life and diet, you will most likely be able to keep this kidney for many years to come and be in good health. It's all free, what have you got to lose that you aren't already in danger of losing now?
Title: Re: Bt (Steve's) Kidney Failure
Post by: Blackthorne on November 04, 2018, 10:37:00 AM
Exactly.  People often suggest things as you do, but the fact is you cannot revive necrotic tissue, especially through anything dietary.  The renal diet is also something very specific, I work with a dietician and nutritionist at my dialysis center to have a diet that provides me what I needs and limits the things that I cannot process (Phosphorus, Potassium, etc.).

I have also currently lost 30 lbs since I went into the hosptial, and prior to that I lost 50 lbs as well. 

Thanks for your concern.