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Haven't been on in quite some time and was just catching up...I REALLY hated to read that you're back in dialysis.  I can't even imagine what you've been going through the last couple of years.  Thinking of you, Bt.


I kinda feel the same.  It comes when it comes.  I know it can be frustrating to hear differing "promises" but come on guys.  We all know Steve works extremely hard & tirelessly.  If, for some reason, I never see the guide, I'm still extremely stoked to have been a part of such an amazing game. 

That said...hi!  :)  I haven't posted in a really long time, and I hope you all are happy & well. 

Sarah  :P

And I'm honestly relieved that the QFI companion is still in shipping mode b/c I was worried that maybe it had been cancelled.  I know it's a lot more work that you guys had anticipated (and with a new baby in the mix...WAY more time consuming, ha), but I'm glad that it's still coming.  QFI is a very awesome, yet very complicated, non-linear game that I still have yet to complete (quit laughing), so I am REALLY eager to get my hands on this.  I'm assuming though that this guidebook is not actually a "walkthrough" for each class, correct?

Thanks again for all you guys' hard, tireless work.  We really appreciate all you do.


Banter and Chit-Chat! / Re: Bt's Wife Goes Viral
« on: March 12, 2016, 05:54:45 AM »
That might be the funniest thing I've ever seen.   8)  I love that she gave you "the look".  Awesome!!

Awesome, thank you guys so much.  I finished the game with your help, and it was a really neat ending.  I really enjoyed playing, not only for the beautiful scenery & storyline, but also because it wasn't so incredibly complicated that for, maybe the first time ever, I was able to complete it without a walkthrough or a Let's Play.  The puzzles were challenging enough to make you think, but no so difficult that you felt frustrated enough to give up.  Well done, as always!  But I expected no less from this amazing team.  I will happily back anything you guys make.   :)

Probably my favorite thing was learning that last song & playing it for everyone.  Lots of funny things to do with it, haha!  My only teeny disappointment was that I didn't get any "confessions" from Stefan...he was the one I figured would have the best Easter egg of all!  ;)

Lastly, would someone mind reminding me how to hide my spoiler posts so I can go back & fix them?  I'd feel guilty if I ruined something for someone playing right now. 

Cheers & congrats on yet another successful game!

Ok, I'm loving this game, first & foremost.  I would love nothing more than to complete it without hints or a walkthrough (that's actually a lie, I almost always have to use at least part of a walkthrough), but I'm stuck and I don't like it.  ;)  I'll try to explain very quickly where I'm at:

(By the way, possible SPOILERS ahead...I haven't posted in over a year so I'm rusty on how to hide sentences & paragraphs!  I apologize for that.)

I'm basically just unsure of where to go next.  I have met Yamma Uba, gotten the restored potion made, freed the knight from the spider, gotten the fisherman & Glenda together...gotten a spider in a jar, rescued the gnome...visited the Isleof the Honored...

What do I do next?  For one, I'd like to know how to get the Firienne Berries from that damn angry tree...I can pacify it with music but that's not enough. 

Also--please tell me how to find the damn pixie's harp in the swamp maze.  I've wandered around forever!  Is it something with the thorny bush?  I have zero clue what the turtle's riddle means "don't wear wet pants in the swamp" or whatever he says, hah.  ;)

I know it's early & I'm impatient...but when I really like a game I get a little obsessed.  You guys have made an amazing game.

Thanks so much!!  Good to see familiar faces on here.  ❤️

Banter and Chit-Chat! / Re: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
« on: December 29, 2014, 01:35:14 AM »
Ha, funny thread...

 Goatmeal, frosted-tipped brazilians seems a bit...challenging, but I like it, very intriguing idea... :P

So many ideas in my head right now with what happened to our Kickstarter money but I'll try (I said *TRY*) to be a lady & keep my trap shut. 

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.   :)

Oh wow.  There are no words...I'm just so very sorry.

I replayed that game a few months's a classic (to me anyway)!  Good stuff...:)

IQ Chat / Re: Where are all developers of Quest for Infamy hiding????
« on: November 08, 2014, 10:38:14 PM »
If I posted what I did to the game every day you'd kill yourself with boredom.

Today for example "Today I spent a few hours trying to work out why during combat Roehm will occasionally miss instead of hit, even if his stats are at 100% to hit. Because of the seemingly random nature of the bug, I played about 300 random combats until I saw a pattern. Then I changed an = to a >= in the code and it was fixed. The end."

Hah, I actually think that's pretty interesting...of course, I'm not the one stuck doing all of the re-playing and re-coding!  (That's exactly the kind of thing that made me change my college major from computer programming to biology...)  But it's cool to see you're working on that aspect of the combat system tho, as that particular thing was actually kind of bugging me a bit...
I promise that it's appreciated even if it bores you!   :P

Quest for Infamy / Re: A few bugs
« on: October 10, 2014, 01:03:38 AM »
Nope, hadn't seen it yet but thanks for sharing (re-sharing?)...any small chance to see a Laura Bow comeback, remake, fan game, very exciting to think about...  That's right up there with MI on my list of ol' faves... ;)

Anyway, sorry for the off-topic question... :P   Thanks again!

Banter and Chit-Chat! / Re: This is why I can't stand Richard Cobbett
« on: September 12, 2014, 12:01:47 PM »
If you feel there are areas to improve in the future, you can do it without acting like we dug up your ancestors corpse and skull-fucked it in front of your parents while singing "Send in the Clowns".

Well now, THAT was quite the visual...ha!  :o :P   
I 100% agree with you guys though, it REALLY pisses me off when a reviewer states that a game is "not to be missed", yet spends the majority of the article just bashing anything & everything about the game.  Uhh...constructive criticism, anyone??

Quest for Infamy / Re: Something just doesn't add up
« on: August 21, 2014, 10:54:28 AM »

There are several steps.

Kaldire figured out the first one.

Beavis could help you with one.

John Conner could another.

There are many Bridges to cross and minutes to wait for the last.


First thing that comes to my mind with the Beavis reference is, "Fire! Fire! Fire!!!"
Didn't he always used to say that?

IQ Chat / Re: A Message from Steve Alexander & James Mulvale of IQ!
« on: August 08, 2014, 02:18:39 AM »
THAT was pure awesomeness.  James, you must have intestines of steel man...

Bt--first marmite, veggiemite, & now exploding hot sauce??  Is there anything else we can make you try?   :o

Quest for Infamy / Re: Re: Anyone figure out how to beat Bt?
« on: August 06, 2014, 11:53:50 PM »
Seriously, this is more fun than trying to answer the questions to play Leisure Suit Larry as a 10 year old.  I had no chance back then.

Haha, I did the same thing.  First game I ever tried to play, and I remember it took me SO many times to get through those damn questions but it was worth it.  I'm sure my 12-year-old face looked like, " :o " once I was able to get into the game.  I was a sheltered kid.

Anyway, I love this thread guys are determined!

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