Play the “Stranger Things” Demo

We’re just crazy for Stranger Things on Netflix; so Jon Taylor-Stoll, James Mulvale and Steven Alexander made a little one-room tribute game based on it!

You can check out our tribute to “Stranger Things” right here! If you haven’t seen the Netflix show yet, you should really do yourself a favor and watch it!

Anyway, here’s our little one-room game, have fun, explore and watch out for things that go bump in the night.

The Press

The response so far has been awesome and we’d like to thank everyone for checking out the demo. Here’s a list of sites that have covered us so far:

And even a thumbs up from Chief Hopper himself!



10 thoughts on “Play the “Stranger Things” Demo

  1. Alex B

    nice and glad you did because this way I saw the games you made in the last years certainly will play them. I was a sucker for the sierra point and click games and still miss quest for glory kind of game..So hooray for me and thanks to you guys.

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